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How time flies! Fitzand has just turned 3 years old today and I took leave to spend the day with him … starting the day with a short birthday party at the childcare he attends. We ordered a Thomas & Friends cake (he personally picked the cake!) and he was super happy to see it yesterday evening when we collected it. This is the first time he’s celebrating his birthday with his friends at the childcare (he hasn’t joined the childcare during his last birthday) and he was super duper excited and happy to finally get his chance to be the birthday boy.

We were at he childcare at around 9am and all the kiddos were very happy to know that someone’s celebrating his birthday today. Well who ain’t happy to be able to get cakes, fun and yummies? Hahaha! It was super fun for me to be there with all the kids and seeing them all so happy. Of course I took some snapshots of the ‘party’ but too bad few shots were ruined during the birthday song session because someone suddenly switched off all the lights … seconds before they started singing. Hahaha! I was caught by surprised and was too late to mess with the settings on my E-P1. Anyway … thank God some shots survived.

I just can’t explain how fun it was to be there with all the kids. Again … I wished I could have been a childcare teacher. Hahaha! Maybe I look like some clown or something … the kids seem to bond pretty well with me. Many of them suddenly ‘attacked’ me and before I realised what’s going on … I had many of them crowding around me … some on my lap (no funny thoughts please!), some holding my arms and they were talking all sorts of funny kiddo stuffs to me. Hahaha! I love kiddos and for those few minutes … I really felt that I should be holding a job in a childcare!

A family shot taken by the childcare teacher

Fitzand was really funny. After the birthday song, cutting of cake, distributing of cake … he suddenly tugged at my shirt and told me about birthday presents. What he actually meant was … we haven’t distribute the goodie bags we brought for all his friends! So the next moment he was going around distributing some goodies we bought for all the kids and Fitzand got to keep the balance from the loot.

These 3 shots above are my favourite. The teacher made sure the kiddos wash their hands before they can eat cake, and they all were in a (cute) queue waiting for their turn to wash their little hands. Hahaha!

I didn’t wanna leave him at the childcare after the ‘party’, and decided to bring him on a trip to the zoo instead. His mommy who initially was supposed to go back to work … also decided to join us at the zoo. It was a pretty cloudy and cool day, so a trip to the zoo didn’t seem to be too ‘scary’. Fitzand was very excited on the way there and we did have a great time at the zoo.

Tub of popcorn from mommy! Yum! Yum!

It’s kinda different this trip to the zoo. Now that Fitzand knows the names of lots of animals … he was a bit more ‘demanding’. He’ll tell me things like ‘Daddy, I wanna see the tiger first’, ‘Daddy, now we go see the zebra’, ‘Daddy, we go see the hippo now!’. As the zoo is pretty big, it’s not easy meeting his ‘schedule’. I had to quickly look at the map and then tell him what are the animals we were gonna see and we’ll get to look at the other animals later when we get to the other end. Phew. Glad he cooperated, else I’ll be dead running from one end of the zoo to the other … based on the animals he wanted to see. Still it was very tiring because he was sitting in a … ermm … trolley(?) -like thingie that we rented … relaxing like a boss  … and I had to drag that ‘vehicle’ all over the zoo. Worse … at times he’ll want me to ‘go faster!’ and man … it ain’t easy running around the zoo! Anyway … I made it back alive after a few hours.

There was also this kids area at the zoo that he got to go on a few carousel rides and also a pony and horse carriage ride. We were a little worried he might not wanna go for that pony ride (which we already paid for!) but he seemed pretty cool to go for the ride without any of us following him. My little cowboy rulez!!!

He fell asleep at the end of the trip when we were looking at crocodiles. Hahaha! Crocodiles must be hell boring! We rushed home to let him rest but he woke up about 15 minutes later … asking to open up his presents. Oh well …

That’s Barney and the gang that he wanted … three characters from the Thomas & Friends (Molly, Spencer and Chinese Dragon) that he wanted … and also some other toy vehicles. There’s a set of toys given to him by his childcare Chinese class teacher that surprised me. It’s a set of toy steamroller, excavator, tractor etc. He loves such ‘vehicles’ and has tons of them … so I guess the teacher must be pretty observant about what the kids like most.

Nothing makes me happier than to see how happy he was to see the contents of his presents.

He’s in bed now after a long day and I hope he enjoyed the day as much as I did. I’ve to go back to work tomorrow and I just can’t wait for the weekends to arrive (again) so that I can spend more fun time with him.


  1. wow… he looks really happy…… and i bet he enjoyed himself a lot!!!!!!

  2. happy birthday to you fitzand!! 😀

    any toycam for the prize?

  3. Happy Birthday Fitzand!
    No need to wish that you had a great day…I can tell you did.

  4. He looks real happy in the family pic! Fortunate kid! Daddy is happy when his kid is. 😀

  5. Happy BIRTHDAY to you happy BIRTHDAY to you!, Happy BIRTHDAY dear Fitzand!! Happy BIRTHDAY to you!

    he seems the happiest in the family photo ^^

  6. Wah- the childcare teacher is a very good photographer! haha.. Happy Birthday….

  7. Thanks, everyone.

    @evershine : Yeah. I was happy the shot turned out fine. She took 3 shots and only one has Fitzand with a super happy look. Hahaha! Glad face detection worked too.

  8. omg so adorable! my favourite is the family pic! <3
    your family is really blessed! 🙂

  9. @rachell : Thanks 🙂

  10. Belated birthday greetings!! … ^^
    Nice photos taken to capture every sweet smile of Fitzand.
    Priceless …

  11. @ngliaong : Thank you very much

  12. “Still it was very tiring because he was sitting in a … ermm … trolley(?) -like thingie that we rented … relaxing like a boss … and I had to drag that ‘vehicle’ all over the zoo. Worse … at times he’ll want me to ‘go faster!’ and man … it ain’t easy running around the zoo!”

    Sure is tough being Dad man! Kekeke.. but u did an awesome job.. Fitzand is a lucky baby.

  13. @irorus : Thanks. Haha. Yeah it ain’t easy when you wanna put more time and effort into bringing up a kid but every smile on his/her face … pays off very well.

  14. he will look back one day and thanks his parents for throwing a birthday bash for him. ahahaha

    happy belated birthday ndroo jr. 😀

  15. @shunzi : Thanks. I do hope he won’t be complaining about the quality of the photos though. Hahaha.

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