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With Yahoo’s new page layout, you’ll always see some images of some headlines plastered smack in the middle of the top of the page. What really irritates the hell outta me today is this image used for the article ‘Alarm grows over church attacks in M’sia’. There’s nothing wrong with this image. It is just that I have Yahoo! Singapore page as my home page and each and every time I open up my browser … I have this really scary looking crying woman staring back at me! Damn! To top it all off … it is a blue Monday and somehow this is really irritating the hell outta me! I think the photo/article is suppose to be randomly rotated and the same one won’t be showing every time you load the page … but it must be my luck (or my darn computer?) that this one has been appearing each and every time I open up my browser! Arggggh!!!! Is there some bloody bug that’s causing this or is someone trying to make my Monday blue-er than ever?

For now … I’m gonna bloody change my main page to Google instead. Duh! If you think I’m just being sick by ranting about this … try minimizing this page and then maximize it every now and then … for maybe few hours. Then tell me if it makes you feel shitty too. 😀

No offense if you happen to know this woman. I ain’t got anything against her. Hahaha! I hate Yahoo! today! Can’t they just use a photo of a church or something instead?



  1. oh man..

  2. @Mijonju : Ya … oh man. Duh.

  3. hmmm.. if this auntie is internet savvy she will be upset that her upset face is popping up all over the world too..

  4. Come on, man, it’s not always a pretty world out there.

  5. @irorus : Yeah I agree

    @Hans : That’s for sure but not by having that image plastered right in front of my computer everytime I open up my IE. I’ll stick to Google for a day or two. 😀

  6. use igoogle! =)

  7. @Shay : That’s a very good idea! Thanks.

  8. Phew! Guess the news has ‘expired’ and it’s no longer flashing right in front of my screen anymore. Time to switch back my home page. Let’s just hope all that nonsense stop soon and everyone can live in peace and harmony.

  9. i change my homepage to google once i saw the new yahoo’s page.. freaking annoying…

  10. Too true, ndroo! All Yahoo’s new crappy changes happened when Microsoft bought them a few months ago. How many clicks does it take to get to your email from the main email page? Five!! Booooooooo!!

  11. haha, at least its gone now.

  12. Hahahaha!!! I’m not alone!

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