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I confess that I’ve been wanting this camera for quite a while now. Perhaps for several years! I saw one for sale quite some years back but the price was a little on the high side (for me) and after giving that a miss … I somehow forgotten about it. Phew! Well … that’s until recently I chanced upon this unit for sale that is in very minty condition and comes with the original pouch and box! I contacted the seller and (pushed my luck) offered him an amount and who knows … he agreed! I’ve seen some other units with signs of use, without the pouch or box … going for some price that’s pretty much more than what I offered him. After a short ‘rest’ from buying cameras … I finally bought my first camera for the year!

Almost flawless!

It wasn’t all the rave about this compact (maybe for those old days) camera that got me interested in it. Look at this photo below and you’ll probably be able to tell why …

Yeah! All those cool looking analogue displays!!! Those are enough to set me drooling!

The seller also gave me a very nice looking original Nikon 35Ti/28Ti brochure and a file containing some of those instructions/reviews/info about the camera. Cool ain’t it? 😀

Although I don’t have big hands (ermm … just fat fingers), I agree with the reviews about this camera about the super darn small buttons. It is really pretty difficult to press them without using my fingernails.

I hope I won’t smile in my sleep tonight. 😀 The camera is loaded and I’ll definitely try finish a roll this weekend.

Some info about this camera can be found [here] and [here].

I also received a parcel today! No … not more cameras but a 2 DVD + 2 CD set of Metallica’s ‘Orgullo Pasion Y Gloria : Three Nights In Mexico City‘ concert. This set is supposed to be availably only to some Latin American countries but thank God for … I got it shipped here. Can’t wait for the weekends to watch the DVDs! I’ll just go put on my headphones and blast the night away. Wish I could be at Green Day’s concert this evening but there are just too many other things I need to spend my time on.


  1. Woah! I lust for it once but decided it was out of my price range. How much did you get it for? Its a real beauty!

  2. @sumlom : Guess this one is the object of desire for many of us eh? Hahaha! I paid S$350 for this.

  3. hahaha…see .. i told you you’ll buy cameras this year….
    but seriously, great catch! a real object of desire…for me as well….

  4. OH GOD~~~~!

  5. Looks like a contax! Ya, the analogue display is irresistibly beautiful!

  6. Wait a minute, first camera of the year. It’s only 15th Jan! hahaha…

  7. great fishing! 😀
    contax G2 for the next month? ahaha

  8. @nelly : You … you … are you some fortune teller? Hahaha! Well I’m sure there will be some cameras I’ll buy this year but perhaps way less than before. I’ve sold off many and keeping my buying at a minimal this year (hope so).

    @Mijonju : Cool ain’t it? 😀 You gonna hunt for a 28Ti?

    @cyanwater : Contax? You mean the T2 or T3? Yeah. This is way cooler though. I had a T2 long ago but sold it when I bought my Klasse W. I know it’s the 15th Jan only … but … but …

    @renaldy : G2? Nah. That’s a bit pricey. 🙁

  9. Wow…this looks great!!!! I wish I can have one too but……better not….save for something bigger….

  10. @Jer : Yeah I’m sure these little toys ain’t what you are after now. Hahaha!

  11. Andrew…a very short break from buying a camera I’d say…Hee!

    By the way I am waiting for my Digital Harinezumi 2…Michel said he sent it off 4 days ago….

  12. Wow… Super nice snag…. Drooooool. Can’t wait to see the pics! 🙂

  13. hahahah thats my fault..i mean the T2
    but i got the answer…u have it…:P

  14. @Ta : Ermm … quite a short break I must admit 😛

    @Vicky : Hope I can finish a roll today and do justice to the cam.

    @renaldy f : T2? I had it before but sold it already. 😀

  15. I fell in love with this camera. Now I want one too.

  16. @Niki : Those analogue dials/display on top of it is definitely reason enough to fall in love with it. Right? 😀

  17. nice pick up! ive got a 28ti and out of all of my cameras its probably one of my favorite cameras to shoot. hope youre enjoying the 35ti, cant wait to see the results from the first roll

  18. @garrick : A 28Ti?!! Cool! Must have cost you a bomb for that rare baby eh? I’m still struggling to finish the test roll. All just random shots to make sure the cam works fine but I’m praying there will be a couple of keepers. Maybe. Just maybe. 😀

  19. @ndroo: when i purchased mine, most were going in the 600+ price range, but i luckily got one on ebay for around the mid 400s. looks like KEH has a couple of them right now in the same price range as i purchased them though.

    im sure youll have some keepers from your roll man. i dont know what film youre running right now, but ive been really digging superia 1600 with my 28; a little pricey, but i usually shoot the 28 with available light, so it works out well. anyways, ive never commented here, but i have had your site RSS’d for a while now and just wanted to let you know that youre doing an awesome job! cant wait to see more

  20. @garrick : Whoa! As expected the price for that hot toy is steep. Haha! I’ll not visit KEH site to avoid any trouble for now. 😛 I’ve not tried Superia 1600 but I love the Natura 1600. Definitely will go check out some Superia soon. Thanks for dropping by here. I checked out your website and I must say those are some awesome stuffs in there. Didn’t notice any link (maybe my eyes are too fuzzy?) to pics from the 28Ti. You have some out there we can drool over?

  21. most of my online stuff is digital, but i posted a few here from the 28ti:

    and the first two and last three? shots here:

    hey do you ever see the fuji natura S for sale over there in singapore? its impossible to find here in the US

  22. @garrick : Sorry your comment somehow went into my spam list (stupid spams!) and I just saw it. Haha! The photos are cool! The colors are awesome too. They are all from the Superia? I don’t see the Natura on shop shelves here. I got mine from Japan when I was there and some rolls were bought from a friend who got it from Japan too. I’ve perhaps only a roll or two left. 🙁 Pricey it is but I love it lots.

  23. @garrick : Ooops! When I said ‘stupid spams!’ … I wasn’t referring to your comment. Hahaha! I’m getting tons of spams trapped by the WordPress plugin and it’s driving me nuts going through them all to see which are real comments. The anti-spam filter gets confused sometimes.

  24. @ndroo: thanks! all of the photos in the first link are from superia 1600 and the 28ti, and only the photos that i mentioned in the second link were from the superia 1600 and 28ti; the rest of the photos in the second link were from.. i thiiink my olympus xa and nikon fm2n, and i kinda forgot what films but most likely superia 400, reala 100, and portra 800? i have them filed at home, but im at work right now.

    oh and when i was asking about the natura S, i should have clarified it a bit more, do you guys have the point & shoot fuji natura S with the 24mm f/1.9 lens over there? ive been on a hunt for one for the longest time, but since it was never released in the US, it’s pretty impossible to find

  25. @ndroo: oh and no worries on the spam comment, no offense taken. i know exactly what you mean about wp’s spam filter

  26. @garrick : Sorry I got confused. I thought you were referring to the film. Haha. As for the cam, I did own one before quite some time ago. I sold it off as I didn’t really like the feel of it. Feels very plasticky for that price. Hahaha. I sold it and got a Klasse W instead. I do sometimes see them in eBay but they are usually the lighter colored ones and not the black. The black costs quite a lot now eh? I’ll buzz you should I come across one for sale. Guess what … the one I bought long ago … was at a super duper price! I kinda regret selling it off. It was about S$450!!! I heard a friend getting one not long ago at S$700+!!! Argh!!!

  27. @ndroo: nice on the Klasse W! that camera is quite pricey as well. id definitely appreciate any word on a black natura S if you come across one over there. S$700 would be about average for what i would think the natura S would go for over here, approx 500 something USD, just because its so hard to find.

    have you had any experience with the ricoh gr1v or gr21 by any chance? i think one of those might be my next big p&s purchase… but the gr21 is going to be very hard to justify the price. its going for about $1500USD… ouch.

  28. Dad just found one in his collection!!

    Yay I can play too hehehhee.

  29. @Cruz : You lucky devil!!! Hahaha! Congrats!

  30. @garrick : I’ve not touched any of the Ricoh cool cams. The prices of those are errmmm …. CRAZY! LOL

  31. i read up on this camera and i was pretty amazed it only stopped production in 1998! That really wasn’t that long ago.

    Would love to get one, Canon doesn’t look like it has anything similar!

  32. I haven’t got to play with it but it’s pretty amusing my dad’s one is in very good working condition. His is the slightly golden one with a little bit of peels.

    He recently bought a Rollei Micron from Sungei Road for $5. Could turn on, but couldn’t fire. What a waste. But there’s a Ricoh GR1s to hhaa.

    Time to sell my toy cameras D:

  33. @Cruz : I want a dad like yours!!!! 😀

  34. I found this same camera in my uncle’s belongings a few months ago. Mint condition, and free to me! A fun little toy 🙂 The only problem is that the manual is water-damaged, with pages stuck completely together. I’ve been able to figure out a number of the settings on my own, but would still benefit from the manual.

    Any chance you would consider making copies and emailing or posting them for me? I’ve looked all over the web for this manual, and can’t find one on the cheap anywhere…

  35. @meredith : You lucky devil!!! Congrats! Hahaha! I do not have the manual but there are some info that the seller gave me (printed from websites). I’ll try remember check out the links and update this entry.

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