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“In the land of the pig, the butcher is king”

Brought my family for breakfast and some shopping along Orchard Rd yesterday and while lurking around ION Orchard, Fitzand saw some posters of some cute pigs and told us that he wants them. Pigs? They are actually piggy shaped buns found in a Chinese restaurant upstairs. After some shopping, we bought him there and he was thrilled to see the ‘piggies’. LOL!

The cute round piggies costs S$3 for two.

Fitzand tried feeding them with cashew nut. LOL!

Enough feeding and it’s time for the kill! Muwahahaha!

“This one goes first!”

Few minutes later … the once cute piggies were quite a scary sight. Eeeeks!

He decided to skin them too!

Beauty is only skin deep. Look what becomes of the piggies now! Hahaha! The buns had some lotus paste fillings and Fitzand didn’t eat them. Not sure if he was not hungry or he just couldn’t bear to eat them. LOL.

… as usual … some random shots of Fitzand …


  1. So it’s wasn’t “bits” of the piggies in his mouth in the last picture


  2. @Ta : Yeah. LOL. Those stuffs in his mouth were his breakfast. 😀 He has learned to give me all sorts of funny ‘poses’ when I point my camera at him. Closing his eyes … sticking out his tongue and opening his mouth to show me his food …. Argh! LOL

  3. Fitzand is a camera natural, in front or behind it, thanks to his dad. Cute piggies though a tad expensive at $3! 🙂

  4. @Vicky : Yeah the piggies are a little costly but to see the smile on his face when he gets them (or rather … gets to kill them) … is priceless. 😀

  5. lol… the moment i saw the misisng nose and ears… i went LOL!!!!!!!

  6. hahaha,those are really cute!!! your son too!

  7. @noreen : Yeah! Hahaha! I was laughing like a madman when I saw the poor piggies in that state.

    @Mijonju : Thanks man

  8. why no tigers shaped buns????

  9. @shunzi : I saw BreadTalk already has tiger (face) buns! Fitzand had one the other day. Think it has those lotus paste fillings.

  10. OOO nice! can i have the name of the restaurant?

  11. @nic : Ermm … I can’t remember. Hahaha! It is on the 3rd floor I think. 😀 We didn’t even see the name of the restaurant! Haha! We saw the unit number and headed straight right in. But if I remember correctly, I saw the receipt and the restaurant starts with the letter ‘i’. Hope I’m right. 😀 You can’t miss it because downstairs … lots of posters on the pillars of these piggies.

  12. @nic : Ooops! I found it. It is called Canton-i. ION Orchard #03-14 😀 U gonna go kill piggies too? 😀

  13. Fitzand is so photogenic and he say wonderfully jet black pupils. attractive!

  14. has*

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