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Just the other day, Fitzand was listening to some CD from his Kindermusic class (the kiddos get to groove to the music every Thursday!) and asked me for his sunglasses. Next he grabbed that blanket-like thingie that he wore on the first day he came home from the hospital after being born. Cool. Now the blanket (there should be a right name for that thingie but I’m just too stupid to remember) becomes part of his stage costume. 😀

Well he didn’t perform too long, so I only have this super duper ultra mega short video to share with everyone.

Perhaps this might make it to the shortest music video ever category for some award show? Hahaha!

Here’s another crappy short video I took when he was having fun ‘painting’ a dino when we were out shopping last week.

The making of a technicolor dino …


  1. The receiving blanket?

  2. @Jer : Oh that’s what they call this stuff? 😀

  3. no time to stay! hahah so cute, i guess he is gonna get all the girls when he grow up, no seriously

  4. godzilla is lonely so his below is all orange.

  5. @Mijonju : LOL!

  6. second thought….maybe it is called a hoodie blanket….

  7. @Jer : Wow! You are good. Good mama!

  8. Yo! Fitzand..

  9. @Ta : Fitzand says ‘Yo Yo Ta Ta!’ 😀

  10. this video was taken with e-p1?

  11. @Mijonju : Yeah. Hahaha. Doesn’t do justice to the cam eh? Hahaha.

  12. Awwww Fitz damn cute leh!

  13. @Cynthia : Thanks. I’ll let him know. 😀

  14. haha let me know if he’s interested in erhm signing up for dance classes ya.

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