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Fitzand loves animals and he was delighted when I told him that I’ll be bringing him to the Animal Resort to feed rabbits and spend some fun time there. While he usually tries not to take his afternoon nap during weekends (because he’ll wanna play all day like I do), he willingly went to bed at about 2pm … knowing that he’ll have to wake up in time for the trip to feed rabbits.

After spending some time with the rabbits, he wanted to feed a horse there but was a little intimidated by the big horse who tried to munch off the carrot Fitzand was holding.

Once the animals were given their treats, it was Fitzand’s turn … to grab some yummies!

Some other snapshots during the fun outing …

This one below is my favourite from this batch. I know it’s far from perfect but these 2 little bunnies cuddling up to each other … sleeping away on a windy day … it just makes my day. The contrast between both of them … one a little dirty, the other seems clean and pure … one darker and the other white … and the somehow softer feel on the white one … makes me wanna title this ‘Yin & Yang’. 😀

After the trip, we stopped by for early dinner at a shop selling ‘bakuteh’ (herbal pork rib soup). It was the first time we were there and we somehow ‘stumbled upon’ it on the way home. The ‘bakuteh’ was pretty nice and is different from most of those we find here (that tastes just like pepper soup). The only ‘problem’ was that the guy who took our order and served us (the boss?) seems pretty weird. Cocky. Fierce looking. Looks pissed. Duh. The kind of look that spoils my appetite. We wanted to order something extra … halfway thru our dinner … and the told us ‘next time please place your order earlier because I have to write it down’. What? So this means we can only place our order … only once? Duh.

Was really happy to find a DVD I’ve been waiting for in the shops today. It is the cool documentary featuring Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White. I’ll pop that into the player once Fitzand goes to bed. Oh … wait! I’ve no beer left in the fridge to jam with nachos! Argh!!! Just finished watching ‘This Is It’ (Michael Jackson) last night and I must admit that it’s a pretty cool despite the fact that I ain’t too big a fan of his.


  1. wow its 4 am, aren’t you going to bed?
    im packing up to china’s giant second hand camera market in shanghai 😀

  2. @Mijonju : It wasn’t 4am. Haha. Don’t forget we are living in different parts of the world and there’s time difference. 😛 Great to hear about the 2nd hand cam market. Tell me more in MSN ok?

  3. For a moment I was shocked…I thought that was a rabbit stew! Haha….before & after!

  4. @Jer : You sicko! Yucks!!!

  5. The “order once/earlier” happens at some other eateries/restaurants too. 🙂

  6. @cyanwater : Really? Is that the new trend? So how are we suppose to order more food if we need to?

  7. Come again next time! hahahahaa… not a new trend la. Just some attitude problem with the more famous/popular eateries.

  8. @cyanwater : That’s crappy eh? Worse is the shop we were at … only a handful of customers were there. Not those ‘rush hour’. Duh. Bad service sucks! Don’t learn this okay? The next time I wanna buy a next camera from your shop, make sure you sell me okay? 😛

  9. i love the yin&yang bunny pic too!

  10. @leslie : Oh thank you.

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