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Woke up this morning and was greeted by a message on my phone … saying that there will be a ‘photo clinic session’ (more like a talk/intro) about film/toy camera photography at Orchard Central, organized by ThirtySix. Well who wouldn’t wanna go take a look at what Jimmy (the boss) has to say, so I brought my family (yeah … the entire army to go support!) to check out the session at 3:30pm.

Here’s a couple of shots taken at the ‘photo clinic session’. Click on the image below for a (slightly) larger version.

After quite a long time … Fitzand gets to meet his favourite ‘jie jie’ (sister) Noreen again. As usual … the two kids were clowning around and this time … their toys were in the form of giraffes …

Noreen trying to show off that her giraffe is cuter and smaller. Little did she know that doing so was a very ‘risky’ move … as Fitzand might wanna confiscate it. True enough, Fitzand asked if he could bring the little one home. Thank God … he has quite a few other little giraffes at home and I managed to tell him that he can’t being back Noreen’s giraffe. Hmm. I thought she’s into camels? Nevermind. It’s a personal joke. 😛

I think I’m kinda addicted to using the Sweeping Pano mode on the camera. Maybe it’s time to dig out my Horizon cam and feed it with a roll (or two) of film. Hmmm …

We had some beer but I had to refrain from drinking too much. The darn carpark at Orchard Central takes a very sober person to navigate … and my wife was afraid of the super many sharp turns to get the car from level 7 to the road.

Few more randoms …

After the early dinner (and beer), Fitzand got lucky because there was this live lion dance performance (from Taiwan) at a mall nearby. He was thrilled! He’s a big fan of these lion dance thingies.

Luckily managed a (at least little) decent shot of the ‘lion’. Taken in auto mode without flash … with one hand! Quite amazing eh?

Fitzand clowning around after the performance 😀

These are a few other random photos I took today at Upper Pierce reservoir using the Sony DSC-TX1. Now I’m really impressed what this little point-and-shoot camera can do.

It has been quite an eventful Saturday. From bringing Fitzand to shop for some Chinese New Year decorations and some clothes (they’ve to wear those ermm … funny and weird looking Chinese style clothes to the childcare on next Wednesday for an early celebration) … bringing him for a short walk/run at the reservoir … to putting up the decorations and later zoomed to Orchard Road for the photo clinic.

I’ll probably try slow down the pace tomorrow, rest more … and hopefully be able to finish some rolls in my cameras.


  1. the pierce reservoir photos are nice! v cool indeed.

  2. @nelly : You eyeing the guy with the hot bod! Right?!! 😛

  3. thanks for the support!!!! he seems to be taller since the last meet up…..

  4. @noreen : Are you talking about the giraffe? 😀 The clinic was informative but I regret not running away during the last 2 minutes. X(

  5. WHOA!
    Love Noreen’s LC-A with D.I.Y skin.

  6. Many eventful photo! Love your Pano with your magic sweep!

  7. bone@warh like that also u can see…. lol… ….

  8. @Bone : Yeah … that DIY skin is cool eh? You’ve got darn good eyesight! Hahhaa!

    @Doublechin : Glad to see you at the session. Next time don’t knock ciggie ashes into any round objects okay? 😛

  9. missed out on that clinic 🙁
    @Noreen: btw pretty LC-A skin !

  10. Only members or friends notified for the clinic? … Any such clinic coming soon? ^^

  11. Can see from the pics that Fit really like lion dance ya. Smiling soooo shyly.

  12. @Nglia : Not sure where they posted the info about the clinic. I just got to know about it that morning. I’ll check with them if there are more coming.

  13. @Nglia : Yeah. He is a one super big fan. He’ll bug me to bring him downstairs whenever he hears the drums (usually during Chinese New Year). I recently bought a mini lion dance head (is that what you call it?) for him. So now he bounces all around our home … saying that he’s the lion. 😀

  14. The mini lion head .. keke. .. i used to buy it from china town. Anyway this period of time there is alot just that u need to squeeze with the crowds. … i think its a part of growing up interest for kids. At least he is not pestering u with PSP, gameboys etc (But …. he is playing with cameras & laptop – photoshop!!) keke … opps ..

  15. @Nglia : Oh I bought the lion head at Tekka Mall. No crowd. Hahaha! I won’t wanna go Chinatown at this time. Years ago I went once, almost died in the crowd. Hahaha! Now Fitzand will just ask me for Thomas & Friends characters. Ain’t too expensive (each) but there are just too many of them! He’ll know about the name of one that he doesn’t own … then tell me ‘Next time you buy this for me okay?’.

  16. He is a smart boy. Then u test him with all the character + spell out all the names correctly then u buy lor … is it too stressful for him?

  17. @Nglia : Hahaha! Then I probably just have to buy a couple of them for him. He can spell some words but not all the names of the characters. Even I have problem remembering them. I remember saying this in one of my other blog entry … he once asked for ‘Salty’. I was amused and thought he was just playing. Who knows … there really is a train by the name Salty! Hahaha!

  18. … we always learn from kids around us. :> But ‘Salty’ … cannot play with salty too much, not good for health. LOL! … i shall go home and ask my nephew which is salty.

  19. @ndroo : HAH! Thanks.. actually i’m going blind soon. 😐

    @noreen : Really love your LC-A skin.
    Wonder if i can make one.. any tips on making it?

  20. bone@ try to follow my blog… hahahah i might update on how i zeng it up soon after cny… hehehhehee.. anywya its very easy …. and only cost $2.. hehehehhe

  21. Oh, okay.
    I shall look out for your post then. :}
    Thank you Noreen

  22. @Nglia : Try ask him which is Sweety 😛

    @noreen : We are waiting for your instructions on how to ‘zheng’ the LCA. Can come over to Canopy to teach me?

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