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Stumbled upon this super futuristic cool camera design and thought you guys might be interested to take a look at it. It is suppose to allow the user to take photos from all sort of angles. With this, people do not have to bitch about some new cameras not having those articulating LCD monitors anymore.

“Fleximus camera is a flexible tube with a lens. You can choose to mount either a compact view finder or a three-inch display module.”

Maybe I can shove it down my throat to take some photos of the damage that beer has done to my liver?

Can you imagine carrying this camera around?

For more information about this cool crazy camera design … check out this link here.

This design somehow reminds me of a camera that a friend (he’ll come curse and swear when he sees this) bought some time ago. It was an old SLR meant for endoscopy use. It came with a long tube like these you see above and he told me the entire set came in a big wooden box. Muwahahha! Imagine the shipping charges he paid! Okay … it was partly my fault. He showed me the camera on eBay and I was joking when I told him that if he doesn’t want it … I’ll buy it. Little did I know that he immediately purchased it! Muwahahaha!!! So far I haven’t seen any photos from it but I wouldn’t wanna ask where he shove that long tube with the lens into. 😛 I’d love to ask him to send me a photo of the camera to share with everyone but guess I better not remind him of it. 😀


  1. So cute!

  2. I still prefer a camera that looks like a camera….

  3. WTH!!!

  4. @Jer : Well masters like you have better taste than many of us clowns who prefer cameras that doesn’t look like cameras. 😛

    @cyanwater : Don’t say that. Others might think you are the clown who bought the endoscopy cam. Hahaha!

  5. can be a bit intimidating to do closeups of people!

    wonder what wonderful stuff they can come up with next!

  6. @nic : Yeah. Imagine some snake-like thingie shoved in front of people. Hahaha! I think it is getting more interesting, seeing more weird stuffs coming up. We don’t want more similar looking black cameras around!

  7. now we can shoot images of the back of our head..

  8. @Mijonju : Good idea! At least I have more hair at the back of my head! 😀

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