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The pair of little cymbals I bought for Fitzand a very long time ago … was put to a major test this Chinese New Year. In the past, he will wanna play with it occasionally but ever since he’s been seeing one too many lion dance performance … he’s banging ’em almost every day. Yeah … the noise drives us crazy sometimes but at least he enjoys doing it.

Yesterday evening, while on a short walk around the neighborhood, he suddenly whipped out his cymbals (on standby in his Tigger bag, in case he sees a lion dance performance) and walked around playing them. Hahaha! He did amuse lots of people around the neighborhood and even ended the performance by banging ’em cymbals real loud beside two old ladies who were chatting in a corner. Too bad my darn battery went flat at that moment and it wasn’t captured on video.

I’ve gotta run downstairs now because Fitzand heard drums from a lion dance performance. Probably there are some performances going on downstairs again … and off we go with his cymbals. I’ll probably be deaf once the Chinese New Year is over.

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