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It’s cute, it’s fun but the Fisheye2 camera is one that I hardly put to good use. Recently, the local forum lomotionSG held a ‘Fisheye Lovers’ photo competition and one of the admin (aka The Queen aka Cyanwater) CONvinced me to try submit some photos. The problem was … how on earth am I gonna take a couple self portrait? My wife wouldn’t wanna let me get her face all distorted and I can’t possibly go find a lover in such a short time. Hmm. So I decided to hand this difficult task to Fitzand instead.

Self portrait by Fitzand

The headache started when I passed him the Fisheye2 and the ringflash. He loves the Fisheye2 and ringflash combo because he’s always playing with Noreen’s camera. For those who doesn’t know her … she is a very good Fisheye2 snapper (check out her blog at TreesAndShrooms) and she has lots of cute stickers on her camera. The moment Fitzand took my Fisheye2, he was asking me for some yellow bear stickers. Argh! That is because Noreen has those yellow bear stickers all over her camera! I didn’t have any at home (she gave him some but he stick them on his other digital camera) but Fitzand had other plans … he peeled a few stickers from the wall and now my cool white Fisheye2 looks ermm … cute.

Will post a photo of the camera tonight.

Now how on earth am I gonna be carrying the camera around with those cute stickers on it? People must be thinking I’m a crazy old man! Luckily the stickers are at the back and if I’m careful … I can still try hide them away from the public. 😛

… another self portrait

… and another self portrait! He couldn’t hold his teddy while holding the camera … so he bit the ears. LOL!

Finally one taken by me 😛

Ermm …. he wanted to go really close for this shot. Pressed his nose against the fisheye lens. LOL!

Let me find time to finish scanning the rest of the photos tonight … and hopefully still be able to scan a roll from a recent collaboration with a friend in Paris.


  1. Hahaha.. CONvinced eh.. lol.. the “bite the bear” one’s really good!

  2. the youngest lomographer.. u can help him create a lomo home now…..!!!!! i faster go try and dig the yellow bear….. i wanna make sure your beautiful white knight is cover with “yellow bear bear” LOL
    i love the nose on the lens… damn cute!!!

  3. @kenshi85 : Yeah. CONvinced. LOL

    @noreen : OMG! Any more stickers on the cam and I might have to buy a new one for myself. Hmm. Is that why you are giving me stickers? Jim told you to do that? LOL!!! Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @noreen : I’ve created a Lomo home for him. Will upload his photos when I get home. LOL

  5. LOL

  6. a true natural just like a pro 😀

  7. OMG~ He’s so sweet and adorable. Love the self portraits!

    @Noreen- You is GOOD INFLUENCE! lol

  8. I so love the one with him biting the bear’s ear!

  9. @Mijonju : Hope he doesn’t grow up to be a cam addict like you 😛

    @irorus : Fitzand says ‘thank you’ 😀

    @cyanwater : Hahaha! You love violence! Hey … aren’t you suppose to be out shooting with the Zumi2?

  10. i go be his FAN already… im Fitzand 1st FAN!!!! hahahhahahaha …. ask him when he ready go shooting…. we go outing with Fitzand!!! LOL

  11. Here’s the link to his Lomo home 😀

  12. i think very soon he’ll be featured on home of the day.

  13. @scapetist : Then I’ll kidnap his piggies! Yay! 😀

  14. Love his nose in the last picture!
    Very funny!

  15. hahahahhahah fitzand! you are so funny!

  16. AWWWWW he’s so cute!

  17. Hahaha! Cool. I’ll let him know you guys like his pics. 😀

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