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After avoiding e(vil)Bay for a long long time, I finally went in to lurk around lately because I have some money in my PayPal account. Came across this tiny Cherry Coca-cola 110 camera and it was going for about US$1.50 … and so I placed my bid for it and waited. Somehow nobody seemed interested in this little old cutie and so I won it! Yipee! Now I have another old Coke camera to add to my collection. I remember getting all ‘addicted’ to these old Coke cameras years before … but I’ve never really used any of them. They do look cool sitting on the shelves though. 😛

It didn’t take too long before a little parcel arrived at my office …

Probably the smallest parcel I’ve received thru mail.

It came in the original box (although a little old) and also a 110 film box inside. The film box was empty though.

Wonder why we don’t see Coke giving away cameras anymore eh? I love Coke (yeah, some @#!@^! says drinking Coke kills) and I’d have a mountain of cameras by now if they do still give them cammies out for free. 😀

This 110 camera is way different from those I have. Took me a while to figure out that to load the film cartridge, you have to slide open a ‘door’ at the back, ‘plug in’ the cartridge and then slide back the ‘door’. Coolness! I’ll try test this cam this weekend.

I have a small bag of 110 film that I bought some time ago and guess I’ll put some of these 110 Coke cams to use more often. Scanning 110 negatives is always a (big) pain in the (big) ass. Argh!


  1. aww! so cute!!! now you make me wanna try fishing something similar in ebay!~ arrrr

  2. @Mijonju : Noooo!!! Leave these cheap toys for me. You go click ‘Buy Now’ for those super expensive ones. Do that the moment you wake up (in a semi coma mode) like what you did for the super cool lens. 😛

  3. Gosh…the Evil-Bay is sure a thrill shopping experience! Especially for the last few seconds…

  4. @Jer : True. Only thing is that I don’t really bother about the last minute rush to bid. I’ll place whatever amount I wanna pay and let it be. Haha. Sometimes it is scary to suddenly get an email to say that I’ve won an item when I’ve totally forgotten about it. So have you e(vil)Bayed today?

  5. Haha….Not today but last few weeks! I got my packages a few days ago….

  6. @Jer : That’s great! So what’s in the package? The L lenses you told me about?

  7. I kinda regret now LOL

  8. @Mijonju : But why? That’s an excellent lens! I’d grab one if I strike lottery this weekend.

  9. Haha! Nah….its just some retro compact cameras for display…cheap shopping thrill with Evil Bay…

  10. i thot it will be in the shape of the coke can 😛

  11. @Lawry : Not all of the Coke cams are in the shape of the cans. There are few other variations …

    There is even a bigger instant cam (I haven’t got to take a photo of it yet).

  12. I have a cherry cola mini camera. I found it the other day. Forgot how cool it is lol 🙂

  13. @Lisa : Cool! Now it the right time to have it … since Lomo is resurrecting the 110 film.

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