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Finally I remembered to make reservations at Rider’s Cafe and brought my family there early this morning for breakfast. Little Fitzand was jumping with joy to be able to see horses again. We spent quite some time there sitting at the balcony and then took a short stroll around to let Fitzand see the horses. Just hope he won’t ever ask me for one!

Our first time there and we are sure we’ll be back again real soon. Perhaps next time we’ll try getting there earlier around 8:30am when it is much cooler.

Norwegian eggs benedict … yum! Fitzand kidnapped most of the salmon. Damn … I think I screwed up the colors of this photo above. LOL! Now the salmon looks bloody!

Yoghurt & fruits! Yum!!!

We headed to Suntec area after that … forgetting that there is an IT show there. Damn! The carparks nearby were all full but luckily we managed to find one at a nearby hotel. Did some shopping and chanced upon some charity event at the mall. Spent about an hour or two with Fitzand … watching the performances and stuffs. Fitzand was delighted to be able to have his hand prints on a large board there (for 5 bucks donation you get to do that) and was still telling me he had his hand print placed on the letter ‘R’ when we got home. Hahaha! Kids are funny.

After that … I had to get something to ‘fix’ my aching body. He was sitting on my shoulder sometimes when he wanted to get a better view of the performances on the stage. I knew I needed a beer. Hahaha! We hunted for his mommy who was still shopping … and proceed to Durty Nelly’s (one of my favourite Irish pub) for some late lunch and ermmm … beer.

I simply love these 4 photos below that I took of him from outside the pub. I remember about a year ago when we were there and I was trying to take some snaps from the outside (like what I did today), he will try to hide from me. Today he was a little bit more camera friendly. Haha!

My favourite yummy there is the tenderloin beef cubes but I didn’t manage to take a photo of it. Why? We started munching them when it arrived and totally forgot about taking a photo of it. LOL! We also had breaded pork cutlet and fisherman’s pie.

I did try finish a couple of rolls of film that are halfway through in my cameras but unfortunately there are still some to go before I can send them to the lab. Perhaps I should try finishing a roll tomorrow. Grrrrr! I always hate myself for loading film in several cameras at a go. Then I’ll end up taking a few shots with each camera at a time and end up with many ‘stuck’ rolls.


  1. Glad you and l’le fitzand like rider’s! 😉

  2. @cyanwater : Why do I get a feeling that you are one of the shareholders there? Hmm … hmm … 😀 Let’s go there one morning for breakfast!

  3. Woo, that’s what i do too.
    i meant loading all cameras but just shoot a few frames with it a day.

  4. Yeah, those 4 of Fitzand outside the pubs are really good.

  5. @Bone : Hahaha! I heard from some friends that they have this problem too. Guess that’s what happens when we have more than one camera. 😛

    @Ta : Thanks!

  6. very gd place to have breakfast. 😀

  7. Haha! Because I like to share nice place with good food with my friends. 😉

  8. @wilson.k : Yeah … I agree!

    @cyanwater : Hahaha! Thanks. You can let me know anytime if there are more places for yummies. I have to maintain my shape (ie. round) and yummies are mandatory.

  9. Yes, sometimes i just wanna bring my whole collection out.. which is impossible.

  10. My Monday morning breakfast looks boring now! I am hungry!!!

  11. @Jer : At least you had breakfast. I had only coffee.

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