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It has been quite a long while since I let Fitzand ‘build’ a ‘friend’ at the Build-A-Bear station, so last weekend while out shopping … I agreed to let him ‘adopt’ a new ‘friend’. 😀 This time he chose a dog. He has great fun watching and participating in the building of these soft toys and guess which one is his favourite process? Hahaha! It is the brushing and scrubbing of it in the end. Here are some snapshots with my compact.

The entire process from choosing the bear/dog, filling it up, choosing a heart, making a wish, placing the heart into the bear, stitching it up and finally give it a good scrub! Since he removed the shirt that we bought for the first bear me ‘built’ some time ago, this time we told him to forget about putting on one for the doggie. He agreed but later found a pair of camo briefs for it.

I remember the last time when he ‘built’ the bear, I told him that he (Fitzand) also has a heart in him. He was much younger then … and he stared at me with a funny face. Then he said ‘No!’. Hahaha! He must have been wondered why I told him that he as a cute little fabric heart put into his body too! LOL!

He had to choose a name for his new dog … and after sitting there for a about a few seconds … he typed ‘DOG’. We burst into laughter and told him maybe he should give it a better name. Well the last time he built a bear, I named it Fitzzy (Fitzand … Fitzzy … ermmm geddit? :P) but this time my mind went blank. After telling him ‘DOG’ doesn’t sound too cool, he said ‘Puppy Dog!’. Oh well … he named it ‘Puppy’ in the end. Not very creative eh? LOL!

The last time he ‘built’ a bear, I had to type his name for him. After some typing sessions on my computer … this time he does it all by himself. 😀

Inspecting the new Puppy Dog’s birth certificate.

Mission accomplished! Fitzand shook the doggie to make sure the briefs doesn’t fall off!

There was this Animal Kaiser game competition going on at the mall and so being a big fan of lions and stuffs, Fitzand got to enjoy watching the games being projected on a large screen … while sitting on my shoulder for about 30 minutes. I almost fainted in the crowd. Later on he saw some photo opportunities and promptly dragged me over …

Grrr! It is never this easy getting him to stand and pose beside his mommy!

Okay … so I’ve cleared these backlog of photos from last weekend. Looking forward to a fun and enjoyable one tomorrow (and the day after). Thank God it is the weekends again!


  1. pikachu! LOL

  2. I want one also

  3. @Mijonju : Yeah pikachu! He ain’t a fan of that yellow round fella but since the lion character was gone by then … he had to make do with Pikachu. LOL!

    @Peterlim : Hey I thought you have a real doggie at home?

  4. he is so cute and so much bigger boy already… hehehehe

  5. @noreen : When are you gonna help me babysit him? 😀

  6. u think twice of me baby sitting…. we might turn your house around togeter!!!! i ltr teach him mix milo with cereal and war fight with it…. bwhahhaahhaha

  7. @noreen : Ermm … ok … let’s just pretend I never said that. LOL! Now I remember how you got spanked (by your mom or someone). 😀

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