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I went through several old Nikon film SLRs in the past and finally ended up with a Nikon FA. It is not that I started photography back in the old days (though I’m kinda old), but the SLRs were bought & sold only after I got ‘trapped’ in this analogue photography stuffs due to Lomography. Anyway, after putting the ring on my Nikon FA (just like I did to my wife), I got a Carl Zeiss 50mm f1.4 lens to be it’s permanent partner. Honestly … in the back of my mind there was another lens that I wanted. A Nikon 45mm f2.8P pancake lens … in silver! A silver pancake lens will not only make the cam feel smaller (errrr … at least a little), but also blend in well with the silver FA. As you probably know … I’m so vain!

It has been a few years until today that I’ve finally laid my fat paws on one of these sexy pancake lens. One that is in minty condition and comes with the original NC filter, hood, box and papers! Coolness! I was super happy to finally be able to hold it in my hands and of course when I finally mounted it on my FA … it was … ermmm … WOW!

My happy FA finally gets his wish come true … sexy 45mm 2.8P!

Of course I can’t resist taking some ‘portraits’ of this new couple. Oh … the 50mm CJ will definitely not be neglected because it is one beautiful lens too. A little bigger than this pancake but hey … size doesn’t matter! Ermmm … ermm … it actually does! 😛

Here are some images of the lens with the NC filter and cool looking hood on …

Sexy ain’t it? 😛

At first I was a little worried the lens cap wouldn’t fit when the lens hood is attached but I was wrong. Those clever people designed everything to fit perfectly … even with the hood on!

Now this is how it looks like ‘naked’ without the NC filter and the hood.

A comparison … the 50mm f1.4 CZ and the 45mm f2.8P

To celebrate this happy occasion (excuses!! excuses!), I joined some friends for an early dinner (plus beer!) at Red Dot Brewhouse today … got top up on more fat and alcohol. Fitzand loves the calamari there but I think he enjoys pumping the beer from the tower more. He kept asking us to finish drinking whatever left in our glasses … so that he can top up for us. Man … it really ain’t easy having to gulp down too much beer … way too fast! 😀 Here are some random snapshots …

Yummies! Avocado salad with salmon, salmon steak, scallop pasta, wagyu steak, satay and calamari tubes. Hmm. I think I forgot to snap the other two finger food … beef sticks and a seafood basket!

We knew the food were a little oily and thus had no choice but to wash them down with a tower of Monster Green beer. I must admit that I had a couple of extra pints after the tower was drained out. 😛

I did take a couple of shots with my FA + 45mm f2.8P but too bad I’ve yet to finish that roll of Neopan that’s been sitting inside the FA for maybe … 8 months or more!

Oh … I also got to grope and played with the Olympus E-PL1 today. I dropped by the shop today and got the guy to let me have a go at it. Honestly … while I was originally tempted to get one to play with … after spending about 5 minutes with it, now I ain’t really sure if I’ll wanna own one after all. Maybe it is because I’m too used to the E-P1 … the quality and feel of the smaller E-PL1 just … ‘isn’t there’. Not only the more plasticky and less sexy body … I find it pretty hard to navigate and set stuffs without the dials. It will definitely be a great camera for those looking for something compact and a great replacement for a point and shoot camera though.


  1. Oooh man! That lens is so sexy and so extremely minty! Lucky you! the whole setup is awesome man.

  2. @sumlom : I was just lucky this guy had this minty set to let go. He was a little reluctant to let it go at first. LOL!

  3. RAWR!! I love my pancake lens too 🙂 FA is sexy!

    here is me and her.

  5. Tis FA looks fabulous! Has the similar function like Panasonic GF1?

  6. @Sherry Valerie : Ermm … why are you comparing the FA with the GF1? They are totally different. The FA is an analogue (film) camera, while the GF1 is a digital one. Sorry I can’t really help answer your question. 🙂 Are you on the hunt for an analogue or digital cam?

  7. @Mijonju : Hey you’ve got that pancake too! Looks great on the FM3a. You should get a black one for your DSLR.

  8. Actually i’m hunt for the digital cam which have the DSLR function….any recommendations?

  9. @Sherry Valerie : Oh if that’s the case, you should definitely look into the Micro FourThirds (m43) cameras like the Olympus E-P1/2, E-PL1 or the Panasonic GF1 cameras.

  10. fwah, the FA look minty….

  11. Ahhh, that’s a gorgeous lens! I hope I can own one, one day!

  12. @shunzi : Yeah this FA is in very good condition. I remember buying another SLR (I think FE2) from someone but ended up with the FA because the other SLR was in pretty beat up condition.

    @Soshi : Look hard in the buy/sell market and I’m sure you’ll find one that you love.

  13. woah.very minty condition.

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