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Another lovely Sunday spent with my family. Woke up early to bring Fitzand to the park for his regular run/cycle outing before settling down for breakfast. Fingers felt a little itchy, so I brought along my Harinezumi 2 for some random video captures. Unfortunately the rechargable battery was a little cranky … it suddenly died even while the battery indicator was showing full bar. A few attempts to resurrect it failed … and it was soon showing an empty battery indicator. Duh! I forgot to bring alone my other rechargable … so I had to make do with whatever clips I had before the battery gave up the ghost.

I’m beginning to love using the Zumi to document random stuffs that Fitzand does. Hope he doesn’t complain when he grows up … that I didn’t bother to capture them all on HD video. My HD video is ‘Horrible Definition’ but I’m loving it!

Fitzand discovered a new thrill … and that is to zoom down a small slope with me running beside him … on standby if he falls or doesn’t brake in time. He’s really putting his daddy’s old body to the test! You can hear him going ‘Wheeee!!!’ in the video … probably somewhere near the end.

He kidnapped my other camera when we were taking a break. Took couple of snaps but I’ve yet to finish that roll, so I’ll maybe post the photos he took later on.

One horrible thing happened today. While I was finishing my last 2 shots on my Holga … I suddenly realised advancing from frame 11 to 12 was very difficult. Next thing I knew was I saw some dark object moving past that little red window at the back of the camera! Oh no! What can that be? Then I realised that the piece of sponge in the camera came off and probably now got rolled into the roll of 120 film! OMG! What now? Maybe I’ll try removing it late at night under a blanket.


  1. why tiger cap??? lol… he seems to got stuck is it?

  2. cute Tiger hat 🙂

  3. @noreen : Yeah he picked that tiger cap himself. LOL! He did got stuck at that grass area.

    @Mijonju : Maybe you should wear a tiger cap in your next video.

  4. hahaha.. the song is so apt..

  5. @irorus : Hahaha! Yeah. It is an (very) old song from Queen. Kinda cute song.

  6. nice one andy
    i just bought digi hari chinon

  7. @ichi : Oh the Chinon version? Coolness!

  8. Love to see the snaps Fitzand made.

  9. @Ta : He took a few but not sure if they’ll turn out okay. Will update when I send the roll to the lab. 😀

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