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Do you guys ever feel like you’re neglecting some of your cameras that you used to love? I do. Recently I had this weird feeling that I’ve been neglecting my Holga and thus loaded a long expired roll of Agfa Portrait into it. As some of you might know, I’m extremely busy recently trying to spend lots of time with my boy, trying to get him used to life without the *##@*&!@*&!! maid of mine … and so being trigger happy is quite a torture at the moment. Oh that probably explains why there are quite many photos of him in this roll.He even got used to the Holga camera and now will demand that I use a particular color flash on him when I’m trying to photograph him. He’ll come forward and turn the color flash dial before ‘posing’ for me.

Anyway, I managed to finish a roll on my Holga but unfortunately (as I’ve mentioned in a recent entry), the bloody sponge in the camera came off while I was at the end of the roll! I was shocked to see a strange black object going thru the red film counter display at the back of the camera … and ended up managed to remove the sponge that camera off from the camera and got rolled into the film like a yummy chicken wrap! Hahaha! That’s why you will see lots of weird black dots in most of the frames. Must be the disintegrated sponge that’s doing all the work! I had to hide under my blanket to remove the piece of #*@*(!! sponge before sending the roll to the lab today. This roll of 120 seems to be sprinkled with some black pepper eh?

After the ‘sponge in a roll’ incident, now I’m thinking maybe I should just leave my Holga alone … without the piece of sponge! I hate getting surprises shocks too often. One thing I know for sure … I’m having a big time dilemma about choosing which ‘old friend’ to bring along during my trip to Tokyo in end April. I love my Diana (the old version) and at the same time … Holga is someone I’ve long neglected too. Argh! Decisions! Decisions! No … don’t tell me to bring both. My bag will be filled with diapers and milk powder!

This one below is one that he took himself … self portrait? 😀


  1. i love the self potrait and the peace sign…. infact the pepper seems interesting… LOL

  2. The peace sign pic is waaaay too cute.. LOL really got me smiling!! Black pepper= Yummy!

  3. @noreen : Hahaha! That’s my fav shot outta this roll too!

    @irorus : Hahaha! Yeah that shot made me grin! I remember that was taken after he fell asleep in the car on the way to Orchard. His mommy was busy so I was alone with him. I had to wait patiently for him to take his noon nap (while I was super duper sleepy too!) and after that from the carpark at Emerald Hill … we walked halfway and I told him to stay still and pose for me. He gave me that cheeky smile and the peace sign. 😀 For that … he got a ice cream cone from Haagen Daz. 😀

  4. Hi ndroo — I had the same sponge problem with a new 30$ holga I got from my local camera store. They do tech work there and when I got my film back, they looked at it and said it was the emulsion being cracked off the film from too much tension from…. the sponge. I’d been using a cardboard shim (old school) in addition to the sponge and that was too much. So I shot a roll w/o the shim, trusting the sponge, and that roll was okay… except for the shot where the sponge came off and got rolled up, which had a big blob on it. (actually, it looked kind of cool but that’s Holga for you).
    ANYWAY, long story shorter: I ripped the sponge off and now happily use the cardboard shim with this camera and all my photos come out great…. ALL of them!!! (ha ha)

  5. lets make a mijonju show with Fitzand about color holga color flashes 🙂
    Hi fitzand what color do you like in the holga color flash?
    and what makes you like that color?

  6. @Erik : Thanks a lot for the info. I guess it’s goodbye to the sponge for good. 🙂

    @Mijonju : That will be cool! Let’s make one!

  7. i thought i told you it’d be interesting? You said that iy wasn’t possible to take photos or something like that?? but you did right? nice…..

  8. @nelly : Hahaha! Oh yeah. Well the sponge was at the back of the film, so I thought I’d have some bad ass mad light leak … but there was none. It turned out that those little back dots peppered all over the frames due to the ‘crushed’ piece of sponge. Ermm … I didn’t really say that it wasn’t possible to take photos … but more worried that the last few shots were dead. Guess removing the sponge and making sure the roll was wound properly under the blanket helped.

  9. Since both are plastic and light… bring both!!!…hahahaha 😛

  10. @leejiing : Good suggestion but weight is not the issue there. It is the bulk of it. I’ve to carry a bag all over … filled with some cams, Fitzand’s clothes, water bottle, milk powder and his teddy bear and toys! Hahaha!

  11. ahhahahahahha second photo!!! ~

  12. @renaldy : Hahaha! That shot never fail to make me smile.

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