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It somehow feels like a Saturday night but fortunately it is only Friday night. It’s Good Friday today and hooray to ‘no work’! Hahaha! I was on half day leave yesterday to pick up Fitzand from the childcare. They were doing some minor renovations at the childcare and had to close it for half a day. Yeah … excuses! They just want a longer weekend! Damn. After picking him up, I brought him around … to the photo lab … then to ThirtySix to visit those evil people who sells these stuffs called ‘toy cameras’ … grabbed some yummies … then back home.

He fell asleep in the car. Guess he was too tired after the teachers brought the kiddos to the playground in the park in the morning.

Anxiously waiting for early dinner before able to go visit the monkeys at the Upper Pierce Reservoir.

Initial sign that I’ve to keep my camera real soon.

Took this specially for a friend (you know who you are) who is on a nationwide hunt for good dumpling noodles (wanton mee). Wish him good luck in his search.

Wifey had to work for a few hours today and I was left to babysit alone. I decided to bring Fitzand to the Museum Of Toys to check out some of those cool stuffs. Unfortunately he wasn’t too impressed with those old looking (and sometimes scary) looking stuffs. It will be different if there were Thomas & Friends, Bob The Builder, Dora and those newer looking Disney characters. Hahaha! Anyway … I had lots of fun there staring (and drooling) at those retro cool toys. Argh!!!

Photography is allowed in the museum but flash is strictly prohibited. The lighting in the museum is really very challenging! Anyway I managed some snapshots …

Minutes after entering the toy museum, Fitzand kept telling me that he wants the blue robot we saw on display. Luckily they do have some of these cool retro robots for sale (some made in China copies) or I might have to carry a crying kid outta that museum.

I also got Fitzand a cute pair of chopsticks. He’s always trying to use the real chopsticks but still not able to master the trick of using them. Guess this cute teddy one can make things a lot easier for him. I think it is a matter of time he can use the chopsticks better than me. I hold chopsticks like we would normally hold a pen. I’ve had people showing me how to hold it the correct way but … I still don’t get it. LOL.

This cool bus below is probably my favourite one there. Anyone knows where can I buy some of these cool old retro busses? Ermm … on 2nd thought … nevermind. I dont’ wanna end up getting addicted to another kind of toy.

Joined some friends for a picnic at West Coast Park this evening. Luckily for us, it only started pouring pretty late … after we had wiped out most of the food and started popping some cans of beer. We had to hide in some shelter to fill up our tummies with some beer. Fitzand had a great time as this was his first time at a picnic. Guess we’ll do it again real soon.

Guess tomorrow is gonna be a super tiring day. Wifey has to to back to office for half a day and I’m left alone (again) to babysit. Still haven’t thought of where I’m bringing him to play but I sure do need to get some sleep now. I’ve a wedding dinner to attend tomorrow and having to attending those dinners are always a torture for me. Hahaha! Maybe I should bring my good old SLR along and try finish that roll of Neopan in it at the dinner. Hmm …


  1. Ohhhmann those noodles looks sooooooo tasty!!!!!!!

  2. @mijonju : It’s pretty good. 😀

  3. If he doesn’t want the robot, can I have it, pleeeeeeaaasssssse???? 😛

  4. @nelly : He choose that robot out of the many on display there. I doubt he’ll give it to you … unless maybe you have a camera to exchange it with him. Muwahahaha! You should bring your kiddos there. It’s pretty fun if you like those retro toys. There’s a nice cafe downstairs too. Have you been there?

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