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Following the previous collaboration with Fabienne (France), she sent me some scans of a roll I sent her some time ago. Unfortunately most of my exposures were a little (or too much) underexposed and so you get to see more scenes from Southern France (Fab … did I get the location right?) instead.

I’m working on some rolls for another doubles collaboration with her … this time it will be a little crazy because I’m gonna try out some new ‘tricks’ that I’m not sure if will work. 😀


  1. Yeah you got the location’s right… Tha place is Iles de Lerins, South of France (just in front of Cannes), and it is really beautiful… I think it was too sunny and too luminous… Or the T64 is a hard roll for doubles ;-)))

  2. @fab : Oh yeah it sure does look like a great place to be in. Maybe I shouldn’t have underexpose the roll when I shot it. Anyway, let’s look forward to the next rolls instead. 😉

  3. Guinness! yippy 🙂

  4. i like 13 🙂 maybe gonna use it as my wallpaper 🙂

  5. @Mijonju : Thanks. Guinness? Yeah! Yum! Yum!

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