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“Cindy Cyanwater : walao! Like that u still dare to post ah?!”

“Jimmy Phua : wtf!”

These were some of the comments I got for a video I posted in my Facebook account some time ago. Hahaha! They were some crazy random madass videos (aka horrible) that I took with my FDC01 camera. I somehow have this ‘habit’ of taking some video that make people wanna puke/faint/spit on. Hahaha! You can check out the videos in my FB account here. It takes a shameless, sick, crazy soul to dare take and post such videos eh? 😀

Here’s another one I did today (with the Harinezumi 2) to give you some dizzy time. Sorry if it makes you puke. Muwahahaha! I took these clips in a state of hangover … so ermm …. please forgive me. 😛 I was bored. Stuck at home babysitting the whole day while wifey went for a haircut etc. I didn’t speed up anything in the video during post processing. I had to move my weak old hands fast to get that ‘effect’. 😀

This was also somehow inspired by a song blasting thru my speakers this morning (despite the hangover) by Blue October … called ‘X Amount Of Words’ …

prevent trigger intent
now drown
high strung
say x amount of words

you’re solar, bipolar
panic disorder
seems harder and harder and harder
still you try to control it

you mold, you mold
yeah you shape to mold
oh you’re bold you’re bold
but your shape is bold

you’re a symptom superficial
to what they call knowing you
minus the speed,
could you imagine the phobia?

your brain is faulty wiring
the reason for tiring
keep treating the curse,
imagine the worst
systematic, sympathetic
quite pathetic, apologetic, paramedic
your heart is prosthetic

a plate of quite peculiar
on a dish of my own
a tablespoon of feather
tickle me to the bone
give me recipes for happy
with the chemicals gone
drinking freedom from a bottle
to the tune of belong

i’m sick of shaking
never waking
from the hell i achieve
i never knew you till you left me
with the crying disease

another curing, reassuring
way to buckle the knees
so mistreated, i repeated
never blessing your sneeze

now deleted and defeated
i will stand on my own
yeah your memory that punches me
has broken the bone

give me recipes for sorry
i’m admitting i’m wrong
still your memory that punches me
has broken the bone


  1. ha! back to that “blame Ah Phua” video?!
    Although song for this one is nice………

  2. @nelly : Yeah. The ‘blame Ah Phua for making me shoot video’ series. Hahahaha! The song is from one of my fav band … Blue October. Their songs don’t usually sound like this with a ‘dancey beat’ though.

  3. Shit I’m so giddy i think I can see trees at about 1:22!!!!

  4. @Cudas : Congrats! You passed the test! Hahaha! Yeah there are trees thru the holes. Those holes you see in the video are ermmm … those metal thingie (wall? fence? barrier?) that prevents us from falling off the flat outside our units. Hahahaha!

  5. @Cudas : Oh … forgot to tell you that if you look harder … you might just see our Queen Cyanwater in the block across the park. 😀

  6. wow wow nice video! when is the ndroo dvd coming out?

  7. @Mijonju : Hahaha! You must be joking!

  8. WTH!!! I suddenly thought that the toothpaste video was pretty interesting!

  9. @cyanwater: Was it interesting at all? LOL! This one is for the viewers to try stare hard and see if they can see you standing naked at the window. 😛

  10. sorry.. my fault.

  11. @ymmij : Of course it is your fault. You made me buy the cam and then made me shoot crappy videos and now I’m beyond cure. Help!!!

  12. hi ndroo,
    do you have any idea where i can still get the digital harinezumi v1.11

  13. @Qiaozhi : You mean the first version where you can tweak the colors? Don’t think you can find them anymore unless someone selling off theirs. There is this alternative one called Chinon. Same camera but different material used on the outside. Go check it out at ThirtySix, I heard they’ve stock for that Chinon cam.

  14. @ndroo: yeah. i’ve heard about the chinon. thanks! (:

  15. i went dizzy ……

  16. @Qiaozhi : There’s a discount code for the Chinon. Check out my blog entry today. 😀 20% off!

    @noreen : Don’t puke.

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