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After selling off my DSLR body yesterday, I managed to let go my macro lens this evening. This means I’ve only 2 more lenses to sell before I am officially ‘DSLRless’. Someone’s coming over to check out the Sigma 10-20 lens tomorrow evening and I do hope he’ll help me clear off one more lens. These are a couple more of random test shots with the E-PL1 just now during dinner with my family (while waiting for the buyer who wanted my macro lens). I’ve had soba for the 2nd day in a row (I love soba!) and it sure is great on crazy hot days like these.

I’m suppose to be doing some test shots to compare the E-P1 and E-PL1 but somehow I just couldn’t get myself into the mood to do it tonight. It’s another warm night and I’m very tired. 🙁 I’m flying off for my vacation next week but I’ve yet to do lots of stuffs like plan what we wanna do/visit/eat/drink. Hahaha! We always take it easy and have unplanned fun but a little bit of planning is always necessary to avoid getting lost/confused. Come to think of it … I’m beginning to have a little wild idea of getting the E-PL1 and bringing it for my trip. A lighter and (slightly) more compact setup might be good. Hehehehe! Damn. Excuses! Should I keep it?

After dinner, Fitzand wanted us to buy him a little cake. At first he insisted that it’s my birthday (??!!!) and then later on changed his mind and said that it is his birthday (???!!!). Oh well, we let him have that little cake and got a candle to fulfill his wish. Hahaha! We sang along when he started singing the birthday song …

A big Bob The Builder fan! Hahaha!

I also just saw an album from the 2nd roll of film I sent Fabienne (France) for a collaboration. Unfortunately like the first roll … my exposures are all pretty ‘invisible’. Must be underexposed. Duh. Perhaps I’ll not underexpose my rolls next time for double collaborations. Hmmm.

There is a roll of Neopan 1600 on my desk that I’ve yet to send to the lab. Arggh!!! Perhaps I should do it tomorrow and get them scanned before I leave for my holidays. The roll was taken on my Nikon FA and was in the camera for maybe more than half a year already. Wonder what’s in it. Hmm ….


  1. Hor! Soba!
    Hor! Karipok!

  2. @!!! : I know who you are! Hahaha! Yeah soba!!! And it’s curry puff day today!!!

  3. soba very easy to cook…

  4. @noreen : Guess I’ll try preparing some for myself. This one at MOF (AMK hub) sucks. Overcooked I guess. I love the one at Paragon (don’t remember the shop name though).

  5. never liked food from MOF

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