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After holding a knife at Jimmy … one of the bosses of 8storeytree/ThirtySix, I managed to CONvince him to give some of you Harinezumi/Chinon cute digital toy fans a good deal. He agreed (in fear) to give a 20% discount off the usual price of S$260 for each purchase of the Chinon edition of the Digital Harinezumi! Cool ain’t it?

The Chinon edition is actually a rebranded version of the first generation of the Harinezumi camera. This is the only version that allows you to tweak the colors (you can find info online about tweaking)! This means much more fun and creativity can be achieved. There was a big hunt for this version when the later batches of Digital Harinezumi were introduced. The firmwares in the later batches does not support this cool tweaking option.

Only 5 units are available at this special price!

To enjoy the special 20% off your purchase price … just enter ‘fuzzyeyeballs’ (without the quotes) as the promo code in the order page. Easy ain’t it?

Hurry up and order yours here today! Only online orders are accepted but for local (Singapore) customers, you can opt to collect your toy at ThirtySix (Sunshine Plaza). If you miss this chance … I won’t be able to force him for another good deal for a while because he told me he’ll be hiring a bodyguard.

Bonus feature … ‘How I made him give you guys a 20% discount’


  1. WTH

  2. @noreen : Yeah … WTH! Good deal! 😛

  3. hahaha im gonna singapore now.

  4. @Mijonju : Hahaha! No you don’t have to come here. Just place the order quickly and I’ll send the goods to you next week. Okay? Buy them all 5 units!

  5. Good deal indeed!!!

  6. Does it have black & white mode?

  7. @sumball : Buying one?

    @Batman : Nope. This version doesn’t have the b&w mode. Only the Harinezumi 2 has that mode. However, Chinon is the only one (like the Harinezumi 1 earlier batches) that you can tweak the colors to get some more wild results.

  8. oh i thought there is ): anw, i bought it! damnit, gna have to eat grass for the rest of the month.

  9. @Batman : Well … at least you get to tweak the cool stuffs in this version. Sometimes they make it so difficult for us eh? The later ones you get b&w but stuck to one color style. 🙁 Btw … bats eat grass? 😀

  10. Anyone in here still holding the Harinezumi 1 ? I’m interested to buy… contact me at 9-3-8-2-5-6-3-6 /

  11. @Ken : Are you looking for those from the earlier batches that allows you to tweak the color … or any Zumi 1 will do?

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