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A roll of Neopan 1600 was stuck in my good ol’ Nikon FA for the longest time. After scanning these shots, I realised that some of them were from a long time back … when I was having some pints of icy cold Guinness at an Irish bar during the afternoon (yeah … it felt like a blackout when I stepped outta the pub). I left that roll fermenting in the camera until lately when I bought the pancake Nikon 45mm f2.8P lens and wanted to test drive it. These photos were taken with both the Nikon 45mm and also a CZ 50mm f1.4 lens.

The thing with this camera is that it doesn’t have that little window at the back to let us peep at what film was loaded (or was any film loaded) and so due to my old fading memory … I opened up the back (and screamed some 4 letter word) … to realise that there is a roll of Neopan in it! Damn! Thus some of those shots went dead but fortunately the surviving ones are of quite a good number. Phew!

I just found some time to scan these a while ago after coming back from a short chat with friends over some beer. I’ve some meatballs cooking in the kitchen while I’m typing this … so I’ve to keep it real short and make a dash back to finish cooking dinner.

I seldom shoot black & white film because if the trouble of having to run to the lab twice (I usually get my colored rolls developed and collected in an hour) but then … suddenly I’m very much inspired to shoot more b&w film. Like what many has told me … there ain’t nothing that can replicate the feel that’s produced by ‘real’ (ie. not those C41 ones like BW400CN) b&w film. I couldn’t agree more.

You probably realise that most of these shots were either taken during booze sessions, eating sessions or when I’m out having fun with Fitzand at the toy museum. 😀 I love having photos like these that reminds me of the good times (not that there ain’t good time anymore) and make me smile (or thirst for a pint of cold beer).

I’m very happy to see the results from this roll after a disaster-struck roll on my Holga WPC. Now I’m tempted to stock up a couple rolls of b&w film for my Tokyo trip next week. Hmm … or should I stock up the film when I’m there? I’m a little very afraid to step into the camera shops there!


  1. You mean you don’t develop your own BW negs???!!!! You should try it as you can manipulate the grain and contrast. You can even develop it with instant coffee for sepia tones 😛 hehe..

  2. @leejiing : I’d love to try that one day but not for now. I hardly have time to even rest. Hahaha! Having time to scan and post my photos is already a luxury.

  3. Actually it does not take a lot of your time to develop a takes at most 30mins to develop a roll (or 2 135mm) in a tank. I always do it while I scan my photos or I do it in my office to save water.. kekekeke… :P.

    Those die hards will want to develop at 20 degree celsius and certain agitation… actually you can ignore that (unless its Tmax) and develop at room temp with tap water…

    Maybe one of the days can meet up and show u my recipes..

  4. @leejiing : Hmmm. Good idea to do it in the office! Hahaha! Sure … we can do some beer while you teach me how to do it. I might try developing film with beer and get gold tones!

  5. Buy Neopan 400. Stock up before and after. Fear will be non-existent when you step in the shop. You will be smiling always. Have fun!

  6. @Doublechin : Good idea but I think it is cheaper if I get it here. Yet to decide … but maybe I’ll just pick up a couple of rolls from my fridge … whatever film that is. 😀

  7. Wow…nice set of photos! I love the shot of Popeye and your boy …

  8. @Jer : Thanks. Hey remember those expired Fujipress film we bought? I scanned some shots from a roll of the ISO 400 ones. Duh. Pretty suck. Hahaha! Now I understand why you said that they ain’t not much good. Maybe I’ll go make them all into redscale instead. 😀

  9. Oh yah! I gave up after several rolls and decide to let them chill in my fridge for the rest of their life…sound cruel huh? Haha!

    Redscale sound interesting, never try before….looking forward to your results!

  10. black and white rocks aint it.
    🙂 despite having to run to the lab twice, its still great fun because the tones are really ooomph!!

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