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Ooooh nooooo! After the earlier roll that I sent Fabienne in France for a doubles collaboration, comes another roll that has my exposures that are mostly barely visible. My exposures seem to end up as ‘textures’ for hers. Hahaha! Maybe there’s something not right about my camera that underexposes it further even when I just underexposed it by 1 stop. Grrrr! I’ve a roll from her that I’ve yet to expose and guess I’ll not underexpose it when I use it later.

This one below seems to survive best … with Fitzand’s animal collection appearing fine.

Some of the frames were overlapping and of course … some cool ‘pano’ shots …

My doubles collaboration lately has been quite disappointing due to the exposures. Maybe I should do my own double exposures and then send the roll over to friends for the 3rd exposure … hoping it will turn out okay? 😀


  1. love them though, raadd.. i still dont have time to shoot your rolls..

  2. most of his photos are too bright..

  3. her photos i mean.

  4. I’ d rather say that ndroo’s layer is not strong enough… 😉

  5. fabyen is right. My exposures were all very weak. Perhaps drank too much. 🙁

  6. Need to see the negs to really tell but I tend to agree with Mijonju… the first exposure is too bright, eating up all the silver halides thus even if you exposed correctly you won’t get back your 2nd level of exposure. That’s why normally I rate the first exposure at 320(400) for a iso 100 film. While the 2nd exposure I shoot at normal ISO or 160.

    Another alternative is to use a wide latitude film like Kodak Ektar 100 or Fuji Reala 100.

    Just my 2c 🙂

  7. Hmmmm I don’t really understand how the 1st exposure can be too bright if you don’t see (almost) anything of it ? I expose the roll for the 2nd layer at the normal iso, ans that is too bright on this one… ??
    Mysteries of doubles… 🙂

  8. @leejiing : I think you got it mixed up. I was the one who shot the first exposure. I think my exposure was under and thus doesn’t seem to appear much after Fab exposed it. Maybe the metering is a little crazy on my LCA now. I’m trying to shoot a couple of doubles myself now without doing any compensation. Hope it turns out fine and then I’ll know what to do in future.

    @fabyen : Agree. The 1st exposure is not too bright. As a matter of fact … I think it is way under. 😛

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