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* This was supposed to be published this morning but in a rush to go grab breakfast … I forgot to click the ‘Publish’ button. Anyway … here it is …

Since the two piggies are still sleeping, I’ll take the chance to post up some snapshots taken yesterday … the first day here in Tokyo. I do not have any decent photo editing software with me, so I just had to make do with GIMP (it was hell using it for the 1st time). Well … these were mostly just quickly resized and perhaps brightness increased. It’s hard to determine if colors or brightness are okay in this dim hotel room (Fitzand & mommy still sleeping).

When at airport, Fitzand wanted a little cake … and told us to get him a candle because it ‘was his birthday’ (again??!!!). Hahahah! Oh well … the guy at the counter gave us a candle and we had to sing him (in public this time!) a birthday song (again).

Fitzand got too excited and watched the in-flight TV (cartoon) til around midnight! He later fell asleep and had his legs on my thighs … and kept kicking me til morning. Argh!

… and this is what happened the next morning when the plane touched down in Narita airport

I had to carry him outta the plane as he was still sleeping like a piglet. Soon he was awake and you can see the blur look on his face in the next photo ….

Had to grab a quick breakfast before heading for the bus. Hot dog!!!

Boarded the airport limo bus and headed for Shinjuku. Within minutes … Fitzand fell asleep again …. zzzzzzzzzzz. I hardly got enough sleep last night and I was envious!

I swear that ain’t soju in the cup in this next photo …

It was cold and drizzling when we arrived. After leaving our luggages at the hotel, we went for some shopping and lunch nearby. I had a glimpse of the camera shops Mijonju told me about but didn’t dare walk in.

In the land of vending machines … I have a problem. He is always going near the machines trying to press them. Well a couple of times we did let him grab a bottle of juice but he still gets attracted to them. This means we have to drag him away from the machines every time. The problem is … there is a vending machine in every corner! When we get back to Singapore next week … I bet he will be missing the vending machines most. 😀

We popped in this shop selling udon and tempura because wifey loves the pumpkin tempuras there. At first the udon tasted a little weird because we’re used to those with the soup stuffs … and these are only dipped in soya sauce. The thing is we fell in love with it and will be having it for dinner again tonight.

The vending machine fan got real hungry and slurped in lots of noodles! He observed how the locals here slurp their noodles (with the ‘sluuuuurp!’ sound) and even can do it like them. Well … he is a ‘Made in Japan’ guy anyway. 😉

There is this little cosy cafe below our hotel and we decided to check it out. As usual Fitzand will go for the cakes (which are yummy and he finished every bit of it) …

… and I … errmmmm … checked out this cool beer served in a very cool looking glass. It does look nice but I don’t think it is suitable for heavy drinking sessions. The beer is yummy! I had quite many of them yesterday. 😛

While wifey was taking a rest, I took Fitzand for a short walk around the shops and he decided that he wants to let me take a photo of him beside this pink elephant. It ain’t easy getting him to volunteer to be my model!

It must be due to the cold … the little guy gets hungry quite often. Or is it the food? Hmm. He asked for a pack of those rice thingie and … he loved it!

Later in the evening while the little one was taking his nap … I took the risk and met up with the ever poisonous and famous … Mijonju (from CircleRectangles). I sat the the cafe gulping beer and soon through the door … waltzed in the handsome guy himself. We had a short chat before … trouble began.

He took me to about 6 camera shops … right opposite the hotel! Oh man … it was like paradise! If heaven were to be this cool … I’ll stop being bad immediately!

The shops selling those digital camera stuffs were not really very interesting … but … there were maybe 3 or 4 of them which were ‘hidden’ somewhere without big signboards etc. Those were the problem! Those were like some big pot filled with boiling oil! One foot in and that’s it! Dead!

I managed to resist temptation (at least until today). There were way too many cool old cammies to drool over. Prices were pretty reasonable too. I set my eyes on a damn cool and small … and cute … and … arghh … Fujica Mini half frame camera … but still managed to walk out of that place without it. It is still lingering in my mind as I am typing this.

Oh … it was really funny that instead of me getting poisoned … Mijonju ended up with a really cool medium format camera. Stay tuned for his video on it maybe soon. 😀

It is also all thanks to his help that I managed to grab myself a cheap DSLR to use with my Lensbabies. 😀 I’ll post more about that later.

Failed to get me slaughtered at the camera shops … he then brought me to film heaven. I walked around there for a while but didn’t buy any (yet). Perhaps I’ll see if I have time tomorrow to go pick up some film if they are reasonably priced. Argh!!!

Fitzand has just woken up and taking a dump in the toilet. He was just giggling and telling me ‘Daddy … see this thing can wash my bum bum’ … telling me about the butt washing device on the toilet bowl. Hahahaha! ‘Just now that thing automatic my bum bum’ … he added. 😀 Guess he must be the one having the most fun this time.



  2. @Bone : Yeah! Meeting him is like meeting God! God of camera poisoning that is. Hahaha!

    Anyway, Have fun in Japan alright.

  4. Lovely pictures! Tokyo’s the best!
    Can I ask, whats the address of the film shop you were at?
    Is it somewhere in Shinjuku too?
    Thank you!

  5. hi ndroo! care to share where the camera shops are? will pop by these shops when i visit tokyo soon. =)

  6. @A10101100 : I don’t have the address but that’s Yodobashi in Shinjuku. You can’t miss it. Hahaha!

    @kaxdd : They are all here in Shinjuku. I stay in Kadoya hotel and they are somewhere across the street (not a good thing). Those old (and super horribly poisonous) cam shops are usually a bit ‘hidden’. You just look around and if you see a camera logo in some small path … walk right in. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😛

  7. fantastic! I think I know where it is!
    I will try to head straight there w/o straying to go into those camera shows!! :$

    enjoy Tokyo! lookin forward to more pics from ya!

  8. @A10101100 : Hahaha! Cool! I’ll go back to those shops to tell them that you are going to buy at least 2 cameras from each of them when you are here.

  9. Film heaven!?! The way the film is displayed makes you think you are in a supermarket (the chilled food section)…hahaha!

  10. Hello, just happen to past by your blog. The camera and film shop looks awesome. They are in Tokyo right? May I ask where exactly are they? I’m heading to Tokyo in a months time, thought of dropping by! Thanks 🙂

  11. Warhs… YUM YUM YUMs at everything.. *fainted*

  12. All that film is a beautiful site. Wish we had stores like that here in the US. Maybe we do somewhere, but I doubt it…

  13. fitzand thumb up pic makes me giggling away…. he is so cute!!!

  14. @nelly : The only difference is that when you are in this one … the chill is in your spine. 😀

    @car : The shops I went to are in Shinjuku. Just crawl the shopping area and you can’t miss them.

    @irorus : Wake up! Wake up! Don’t faint!

    @tylercorc : Yeah we do hope they have such shops here in Singapore too.

    @noreen : That one is funny ain’t it? LOL

  15. Thanks ndroo! Enjoy your stay in Tokyo!

  16. i wonder how it feel to have your bum bum wash.. hmmmm

  17. @kaxdd : My pleasure 🙂

    @shunzi : Nothing much really. Just ask someone to jet some water up your ass. Hahahaha!

  18. Next time you come to Japan Ill book a hotel in Ginza.. i know 12 camera paradise there 🙂 this time I should get you.

  19. @Mijonju : Hahaha! Let me go think of some cam that I really want first. Thank God this trip I did not really have anything in mind except got attracted to the Fujica Mini. 😀 Too bad it costs too much. 🙁

  20. fitzand is a star! he can be good in posing most of the shots! 🙂
    okay, and that’s some of th yummy films there!!! @mijonju, are they all FRESH??

  21. this is awesome! if only these shops exist in Malaysia too T___T

    *oh, this is my first comment in here, hello!*

  22. @adwin : Hi and thanks for dropping by. Yeah we do wish such ‘film supermarts’ are available in Singapore too. Too bad we only see vegs and fishes. Hahaha!

  23. @Mijonju : Oh btw … thanks for the lollipop. Hahaha! I’m sure Fitzand will remember you from now on. He was shy. He could say ‘Uncle Mijonju’ before we met you. Hahaha!

  24. LOL have fun in Disney! 🙂

  25. Wow….you are back! I thought you are going soon….haha!

    WOW again!!! I wish the Singapore’s Giant and NTUC will have a film section like the photos you posted!!!

  26. My kind of Firm Candy Store! 🙂

  27. That’s like shopping in supermarket tho! Ha!

  28. @Jer : Hahaha! I ain’t back yet. Will be back only on Thursday.

    @Lawry : That’s pretty expensive candy 😀

    @Boon : Maybe you can call up the supermarkets and ask if they’ll wanna do something like these. 😉

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