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This entry again was delayed. I originally wanted to post this last night but unfortunately the free wifi access got cut off right after midnight. Duh! Didn’t get to publish this this morning due to the rush to go out. πŸ˜€ Still struggling to learn how to use GIMP, so forgive me if the photos look weird. πŸ˜›

I wanted to blog this earlier but decided to drop by the cafe downstairs for more of that yummy Gargery stout … but after a few pints of them, I was told they they were closing at 11pm. Argh! Spoiler! So I had to creep back to the hotel room and fortunately right beside our room was the area where vending machines sit happily waiting … and being adventurous … I grabbed 4 different kind of booze. I skipped beer because I have somehow tried them all. From these few below … I love the plum one most. I didn’t really read what was on the cans, and went ‘eeeew’ when I realised the can that says ‘BLACK’ contains whiskey and water. Eeeks! I take my whiskey on the rocks only! Duh! Since I couldn’t go online, I downed the booze and went to bed happy.

Fitzand fully recharged and happy in the morning …

Breakfast was great. Wifey had this grilled fish while I went for the pork. The pork was awesome! Tender and juicy … and I’m going back for more before I leave Shinjuku.

The little one filling up to get ready to roar!

“Ermmm ….so many stations? So many lines? I’m lost!”

“Brrrrrr!!! Me cheeks are cold!!!”

What’s the next best thing apart from having to drag him away from vending machines?

Fitzand chases pigeons … Daddy chases Fitzand

How’s that for some excercise?

Vending machine fan … caught in the act!

… and minutes after telling me that his cheeks are feeling cold … he gets to eat ice cream! Now the insides and outsides of his cheeks are equally cold.

After all the yummies … “Daddy! I wanna wee wee!”

Another rare request from him to have his photo taken. This time it is because he is a big fan of lions.

Munching (again?) some fried mochi looking thinigie. He had the pink one (I think it is plum flavoured) and I had the black sesame one. Yum yum!

Soon we were back to the train platform and you can see Fitzand going ‘Huff! Huff! It’s cold!’

Stocked up some Beard Papa to continue munching in the hotel room …

Went back to the udon/tempura place we went to on the first day for a short and quick dinner … before heading to the camera shops again. πŸ˜›

Wifey loves the pumpkin tempura here in Japan and so it is always many trips to the shops for it. She told me the prawn ones are amazing too (I won’t know because I’m allergic to most seafood). Fitzand will make me go order extra servings of it.

I saw some locals ordering this big ‘bucket’ of udon and was curious … and so I ordered one for myself. It is just plain udon (darn delicious!) and you are given a bowl of soya sauce looking thingie to go with it. I wiped out the entire ‘bucket’ of it! πŸ˜›

The biggest joke of the day was that after gulping down my bowl of udon, I wanted to rush down to Yodobashi to get a camera strap. On the way out, wifey asked me to help refill a glass of warm water at the counter and I quickly grabbed her empty glass, went to the counter … saw some taps there that looks like the normal hot water dispenser … refilled the glass … with what I thought was tea (I was a little confused why it wasn’t water like wifey told me) … and went back to hand the glass of tea to her. Later after I came back from the camera shop … I was told by her that what I brought her ain’t tea! OMG! So what was it? LOL! OMG! It was actually some dilluted soya sauce thingie that they serve with some of the noodles! So I made her take a big gulp of some salty soya ‘soup’ instead of tea. LOL!


  1. Don’t know abt the rest of the booze you had, but I think the plum one must be good. Cos it seems to day that it’s a 5yr old one (on the can)…
    Your wifey looks cool in her get-up! πŸ™‚

  2. booze looks great! yum yum! i MUST go to Tokyo ASAP!
    do you like grapefruit? try the grapefruit flavored Chu-hi チγƒ₯ーハむ!
    they are awesome! actually that’s other flavors too πŸ˜‰

  3. @nelly : Yeah the plum one is good … tastes like Choya. LOL. Wifey looks good? Wait til u c me in the Mijonju show. LOL. Shit. I’m worried now. I didn’t know WTF I was talking about in that session with him just now. Argh! Brain freeze, body aching.

    @A10101100 : Since when does booze not look great? LOL! Yeah I’ve done all the Chu-hi’s here. LOL! My fav was a peach one the last trip but it ain’t around anymore. I tried some Vodka one yesterday too. Coolness. Hehehehe!

  4. omg~~ I so missed Japan! Please satisfy my curiosity.. what camera did you bring along for this trip?

  5. @irorus : You mean film cameras? I have my Holga, LCA and Klasse W with me. I didn’t shoot much. I fired more random digitals than film this time round. πŸ˜€

  6. hahaha.. it’s comforting to know i am not the only one who will lug more than 3 cameras..

  7. I’m glad you guys had alot of fun these days πŸ™‚ I didnt go online yesturday, now that i see your blog πŸ™‚

  8. @irorus : Hahaha! Well we’ve gotta try give the cammies some excercise sometimes. But then … I didn’t really use them much.

    @Mijonju : Thanks for the time. Glad I finally got to meet you. πŸ˜€

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