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Too tired to go through the photos for the day and update my blog, so I thought I’ll just do a summary of the damage to my wallet instead. We’ll be moving to Disneyland hotel tomorrow, so it will safe from any more temptations. Thanks to Mijonju again for bringing me to all the craziest coolest tempting old film camera shops but I managed to resist temptation from getting one (or more) of them. I did got very tempted … with a Fujica Mini that’s in minty condition but it costs like US$290 or so. I can still remember how cool it was looking thru its bright clear viewfinder. Argh! I must forget!!!

Since I was on the hunt for a cheap DSLR body to use with my Lensbabies, I decided on a Pentax k-x and thought I could get a colored body one. Yellow one with black grip. Too bad it takes 2 weeks to order and also after seeing them in real life … the colored ones doesn’t seem to tempting after all. Not a case of sour grapes … really. Even the red one which is readily available … was ugly! On the web, it looks like it is red hot in color but the real thing is like ‘pinkish red’! Yucks! I settled for a white version and since it comes with a matching white lens … I decided to go for it.

Again … thanks to Mijonju who told me that cameras on display with prices struck off … are usually on offer and you’ve to check with the people there about the offer price. He helped me asked MAP Cameras and I was very surprised at the price! It costs me only about S$650 for it! Cool! So I went back to grab my passport (for tax rebate purpose) and the white baby was in my hands soon. Not sure if I will be using the kit lens at all … since this body is purely for the Lensbabies but I’m sure it might come in handy some day … just maybe. The camera although an entry level one … feels pretty sturdy despite the very light weight. The darn kit lens makes darn loud grinding sound when hunting for focus in low light. 😀 Still I am super happy with it since you ain’t need to auto focus with the Lensbabies.

I resisted buying any other camera for the last few days. What I bought was only a couple of camera straps and today … after a short session with Mijonju again (yeah … I was in the Mijonju Show!) … we went to the shops and I picked up some film. Didn’t really wanna spend much, so I just picked up a handful of them.

Oh … talking about the Mijonju Show … I am now darn worried. I didn’t really know WTF I was talking about then. Hmm … oh and I also caught him filming my butt!!! My mind was in a mess and my body was aching all over after having to carry Fitzand (that’s like 18kg!) who was sleeping and rushed all the way from Takashima area to my hotel. Hahaha! There was a little confusion and thus Mijonju was waiting in my hotel and I was like maybe 30 minutes away! I’ve got much stronger muscles now.

Ermmm … I don’t really need this (I’ve one in my cabinet) but thought a red one is cool. This is pretty cheap here … so why not? 😀 A red hygrometer! That spelled the end of the shopping session at the camera shops. 😀 Phew!!! I tagged along Mijonju to hunt for some boxes (no … not boxers!!!) for his Polaroid film too.

The other thing I couldn’t resist buying was this simple Michelin bag at Tokyo Hands. There were few other cool bags there but I had to resist (again). It’s quite a pain having trips like these unless I’ve got lots of money. 🙁

Found this camera bag padding/dividers at Yodobashi and it fits perfectly! Yay!

So that’s about all the damage to my wallet (excluding the booze and yummies) for now. I am sure Disneyland is a much safer place to be … away from all the camera shops.


  1. YOU WONT GET AWAY!! MUAHAHhhahahhuhaha…… gonna hunt you with all the camera photos.

  2. I can’t wait for VID. ahahaha!! Your lastest white knight looks awesome!

  3. @Mijonju : You evil!!! Hahaha! I was badly poisoned by your Polaroid already! Dammit! I can still remember how cool the photo of the girl you took on the train! Don’t forget to mosaic my face in the video!

    @irorus : Argh! Nooo! I’m gonna beg Mijonju to delete it!

  4. Wow…I miss holidays!!!

  5. SHOPPING!!! 🙂

  6. @Jer : Go book the next flight and say bye to work for a week or two.

    @Lawry : Ermmm … POISON!

  7. That’s a sweet looking strap!

    I can totally understand the problem of resisting more camera purchasessss…. Living here in Tokyo is giving me so much stress in terms of “DO NOT BUY EVERYTHING I SEE” haahah, not that I can afford anything.

  8. @Soshi : Oh … you are in Tokyo! Lucky you to be living in camera paradise. 😀

  9. extremely late reply, but…any chance you could please share where are these nifty camera/film shops? I’ll be going to Tokyo in the second half of the year, so might want to pick up some stuff from there…

    wonder if my purse can hold up to it. T_T

  10. @wynth : I don’t have the exact address but they are all in Shinjuku. You don’t miss them. They are all located very near each other. Those old cam shops might be a bit difficult to spot but if you just look around … you can find them. I remember you’ll see like a logo/image of a camera (if you don’t read Japanese) at the entrance. Usually they are located in the basement or upstairs. For bigger ones like Yodobashi or Map Camera … just Google for them and you’ll find the address. You don’t really need the exact address because there is no way you can miss them. Hahaha!

  11. Oh goody! Thank you! 🙂

  12. @wynth : My pleasure. Just make sure you come back with at least 5 new cameras and 50 rolls of film. 😀

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