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Another delayed ‘telecast’ because there just ain’t enough time to go though the photos yesterday … although I got these all typed out already. LOL!

Day 3 and everything is great except for a pair of aching old legs. We decided to loiter around Times Square for some shopping and slacking … while checking out the best way to get to Disneyland tomorrow. I initially thought the airport limo bus could drop us off at Disney but somehow that ain’t the case. The hotel behind ours (which we originally supposed to stay but changed to another cheaper one because I needed the $ for … ermm … toys) has free shuttle service to Disneyland but too bad it was only for guests. Duh! If I had known earlier, I’d have planned to stay a night there so we could board the bus right at the doorstep to Disneyland.

Early morning … a simple breakfast before heading out to play …

Tomorrow is gonna be a big tolerance test day for me … dragging 2 big luggages as well as a couple of small ones … as well as Fitzand … for a 15 minutes (or more?) walk to a place near Takashimaya for the JR Highway bus to Disneyland.

Fitzand waiting with me outside the ticketing office while mommy went in to check out info about the bus to Disneyland.

She’ll kill me if she knows I posted this photo of her … with her hair in a mess. Hahaha! Blame the windy cold day morning! 😛

Came across this packaging of some food … and find it … ermm … pretty wrong. Hahaha! Okay … I know there are kids reading this … so I won’t go into details. You guys try figure it out yourselves. 😛 By the way … it is very strange that I find this very familiar! I seem to have seen this exact artwork somewhere before. Hmm. Or maybe someone bought me these yummies before?

Stumbled upon Krispy Kreme and the little one was bouncing up and down … asking for some. Being a donut fan myself … I didn’t see any reason we should not get any. Muwahahaha! He didn’t like the free glazed ones they handed out … perhaps because they are too sweet. There was a long queue but surprisingly we had the donuts in our hands within 5 minutes! I remember the last time I had KK was during my Europe trip and had to wait really long in the queue.

“Oooh! The glazed one is too sweet!!!”

Life is like a box of yummy donuts …

Are they yummy? Let the little one tell you …

Fitzand fell asleep while we were shopping and we decided to grab a quick lunch. We checked out this little cosy shop … I ordered a thinly sliced fried luncheon meat looking thingie and a bowl of noodles … and wifey (who wasn’t hungry) went for some yam roll. Not very sure but wifey did say the few Chinese characters she understands … seem to say that it is Okinawa food. Hmm. Really? The last time her confusion resulted me in eating pig’s tongue here in Japan. Oh well …

The noodle was just so so but the fried luncheon meat looking thing was awesome! The yam roll? Hahaha! It took me a while to realise it tastes like ‘huat kway’ (some Chinese steamed cake usually used as offerings during prayers)! We had to abandon the pretty looking yam roll.

Mijonju left his mobile photo at home and after trying to contact him a couple of times … I gave up. Suddenly his wife called from home to let me know that he was already waiting in the hotel for me. OMG! So we had to rush back to the hotel (perhaps 20 minutes away) … with Fitzand sleeping in my arms! OMG! Another endurance test and I made it back … huffing and puffing when I saw Mijonju at the hotel lobby. Hahaha! He had a lollipop for Fitzand and the little one was delighted. We took a walk to the shops and left Fitzand and his mommy at the toy department … while we … ermmm … checked out the camera shops again! 😀 Managed to resist temptations again and just bought some small accessories. While walking around, he took a short (I think shortest ever!) video … with him asking me a couple of questions. I ain’t one who can talk much … and I’m camera shy (I’m shy by nature!) … so ermmm … if you do see some video with the title saying that I’m in it … try not to watch it. Please … I beg you.

Said goodbye to the Prince Of Camera Poison around dinner time and then brought my family to a dinner at some barbecued meat place. The meats were spicy and so Fitzand had just rice and soup. Wifey almost ‘killed’ me again by not looking around for an English menu. Those delicious looking items she was eyeing (before I found an English menu) … were … TONGUES! OMG! Eeeew!

After dinner … we had a short walk and ended up in that tempura/udon shop we liked (again). Hahaha! As it was the last chance to eat there for this trip … Fitzand had his favourite prawn tempura and I shoved in another round of dinner (udon). 😛

Finally Fitzand found something else that acts like a big child magnet … photo booths! He wanted to have his photo taken ‘with his friends’ …

Not sure if it is because I’m leaving this camera infected area (and heading to Disneyland), I just can’t fall asleep even that the time is now over 1am!


  1. wahahaha…i’ll suport your wifey for “killing’ you for posting that photo of hers.
    but honestly speaking, it was very au natural, very nice….unlike some of the photos i see of myself…

  2. @nelly : Hahaha! Well I love natural snapshots more than posed ones. That’s why I hate doing portraits and those posed stuffs after a couple of attempts. I find it … ermmmm … too fake. 😀 What do you mean when you said “.unlike some of the photos i see of myself”? Which part of you is fake?!!! Hahahha! Oh maybe all you need to add is a messy hairdo.

  3. messy hairdo is fine…not weird expressions!

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