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Leaving Tokyo tomorrow and just crawled back from Disneyland with two wobbly legs. Two days there seemed to have put me through a month of workout … but it is all worth it when I see Fitzand having fun. It was drizzling this morning when we arrived at the park … so we decided to take it easy and slack for a while before bringing the little one for his favourite rides and stuffs.

I asked if he’d like to take photos and he went ‘Yes!’. So I handed him my Harinezumi 2 and he was delighted. I have a bad feeling that the Zumi will be in his hands very often from now on. Showed him a couple of things to press on it and he seemed to be able to manage on his own. Well … switching between video and photo mode is a little difficult and confusing as he ain’t sure when he wanna use each mode. Anyway … I just let him have fun with it.

A couple of minutes later … he was out and about … shooting photos (or are they videos?). I took a quick look at the stuffs he shot and it seems there are more super short videos than photos. The reason is because there ain’t no LCD preview in the photo mode and he will try switch it to video mode first.

I think I forgot to tell him that there ain’t no viewfinder in the Zumi 2. Hmm … come to think of it … there is one on top (yeah … that darn plastic rectangle) but I don’t think I wanna risk it by getting him to flip it up and down.

He was still clinging on to it when I was sitting on the floor with him in the drizzle … waiting for the parade. My Zumi 2 got … all wet!!! I quickly got him to keep it in my bag and after a quick check … it seems to be still working. He forgot all about taking photos when the parade began. Hahaha! 😀

The following will (again) maybe get me killed by my wife but it is just too funny to not share with everyone. I was slacking in a corner … taking a short rest and looking at the cute girls … when I suddenly heard my wife shouting for me. I ran over and it was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen/heard for a long time.

Fitzand was trying to take photo of his mommy and he was trying to pose her! LOL! OMG! She told me … first he told her to open her mouth wide … then stand in some weird position. Muwahaha! He made a facial expression with mouth open … and then got wifey to imitate it.

After getting her to ‘pose’ in a weird hunched pose  and giving that peace sign (his favourite thing now) … he got more demanding. Yeah … like a real pro photographer directing a model’s poses. LOL! I stood there laughing my ass off but fortunately still able to capture some snapshots of the entire session.

He wanted her to put one foot on that piece of … ermmm … whatever thing …

… and finally the pro photographer got what he wanted …

I still giggle when I see these photos. I saw the final photo he took after all these efforts of posing his mommy … it was funny! He only managed to capture a photo of his mommy’s face … with mouth wide open! I’ll dig out the photos/videos he took later but I think I’ll have to consider if I wanna pose the one of his mommy. I might really get killed!


  1. seems like your wife is his first model ever >.<

  2. @adwin : Yeah. He won’t ask me to model for him … otherwise I’ll take back the camera. LOL!

  3. oi! weird expressions of wifey is a big no no!!!! LOL
    so now you know that same bad feeling I had when Josh laid his hands on my Zumi huh?!

  4. @nelly : Well this is not the first time he’s playing with it but at least now he is more interested in it than my other cams. Phew. Lighting wasn’t good and thus I didn’t give him my LC-A+ instead.

  5. Can’t wait to see the pictures taken by the mini photog 🙂

  6. Fitzand and Harinezumi! superheadz should pay him to do an advert 🙂

  7. @Ta : I’ll try go thru them when I recover from my aching legs. LOL

    @Mijonju : Okay … I’ll go demand they sponsor me now. 😀

  8. hhahahhaa…. now i will avoid fitzand!!! hahahaha… dun wan to end up a model….. hahahah

  9. @noreen : No! You can’t avoid him. He picked a present for you! You can model for him when you meet him ok?

  10. now i got premonition night mare…… arghhhhh

  11. I really enjoy this series.. reminds me of my girl in Thailand.. heheh.. And dun worry about posting your wife’s shot.. Just say Fitzand wants to showcase his photo can liao… 😛 (dun say I teach one hor…..)

  12. @leejiing : Thank you. I thought I saw you mentioned something about them getting PR here already?

  13. Nope…. I’m going over to LOS for good once I saved up.. I might get the kids the PR but not going to stay here in SG. Way to expensive for me to take care of them here and maintain my hobby, Oso not to mention that the weather is better, food is better and your fav beer is way much cheaper too… 😛

  14. @leejiing : Oh cool. Cheap beer!!!

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