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While I was busy with Fitzand … I somehow was able to squeeze out a few rolls out from my LC-A+. This one is a roll of Sensia III (ISO100) that I bought when I was out shopping with Mijonju. Well I can’t remember if I’ve used Sensia before … so I bought 2 rolls of these to try them out. Got them cross processed and the colors looks pretty neat! Indoor shots seem to have a warmer red color while the outdoor ones look like the usual Sensia colors when cross processed. Correct me if I’m wrong because this is the first time I’m trying this film.

This one above is my favourite because it somehow looks like it has more of the ‘other colors’ in it. 😀

I like this one above too but I’ve a confession … that’s a lady’s butt. 😀 I was attracted by the cute bunnies on her pants. Really. I swear!

The uncle at the lab asked if I bought the film from Japan and I was surprised how would he know. He then told me the usual ones we find here are just labelled ‘Sensia’ and not ‘Sensia III’. He doesn’t know what the difference is though. Hmmm. Maybe I could go Google it later.


  1. Nice shots.. love the piano man! they almost look like redscale picts?

  2. @irorus : Thanks. Those taken indoors look like redscale eh? I was a little shocked when I saw them but after looking at the outdoor pics, it seems like my scanning is pretty ok (I think). 😀

  3. they were red scale? kinda pink 🙂 like Grapefruits juice.

  4. @Mijonju : No … not redscale.Those indoors look red scale-ish eh? Have you tried using Sensia indoors? I’m also wondering what’s the difference between Sensia III and the normal Sensia available here. Damn. I should have bought more rolls of the Sensia III that day. Hahaha!

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