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Guess some of you might already know that I picked up a white Pentax K-x while I was in Japan … just to use with my Lensbabies. Unfortunately the Pentax mount that Lensbaby was supposed to send me has not arrive when I left for Japan … so I couldn’t test/use it there. Anyway … it arrived when I was away and I got it installed the day before. I decided to take a couple of snapshots … in case anyone would be interested.

Each lens mount is held by 3 screws. For those of us in Singapore, you can order the mounts from Lensbaby website and I’m sure they’ll be glad to send you the ones you require. Do contact them for pricing as I ain’t got no idea about that. The mounts come with some new screws (in case the old ones get screwed up (pun intended)).

Red arrows marking the 3 screws which are pretty easily removed.

You might want to be a bit more careful if you are working on a Composer. This is because there are 3 tiny springs beneath the lens mount. I ain’t sure what they actually do but I am darn sure you won’t wanna lose any of them. 😀 The springs ain’t found in the Muse though.

After getting the Pentax mount installed … I could only squeeze in a bit of time for some random test shots while out having breakfast with my family yesterday. Fortunately everything seems to be okay and I was also a little amazed by the colors that the Pentax K-x produces. These photos are all straight out of the camera … and only resized for the web. The colors from it are pretty neat eh? This is fun!

Here are the test shots …

Unlike Canon bodies, the Pentax doesn’t meter well when used with the Lensbaby in Aperture Priority (A) mode. I used Manual mode for these test shots.

I realised that there are 3 options in the camera for the ‘cross process’ color effects and one of them seem to be a random one. I do not have the English manual, so I guess I’ll have to go Google it later when I’m free. I did try out some shots to see how the colors turn out …

Honestly … nothing very convincing … so I guess I’ll do without them for the moment.

While copying out and organizing those photos I took during my visit to Tokyo, I stumbled upon a few photos I took at the small garden in the hotel while waiting to check it. Opening them up on my computer … I was pretty amazed! These were taken using the Olympus E-PL1 and the colors are oh-so-pretty! I’m glad I made the decision to buy it off my friend although I’ve yet to pay him nor do I have any knowledge of the price he’ll be selling me. 😀

Looks pretty 3D, don’t they? Could be partly due to the awesome Lumix 20mm f1.7 lens though.

Did nothing much today except piecing together some video clips I took in Disneyland using the K-x. It was there in my bag with the kit lens and I thought why not I try capture some videos of the parades and Fitzand clowning around … and let him have some fun watching it on the TV. It was my first time using the video function and I must say it was pretty tough. No … not the camera’s fault … but my own. I was a little confused if I should be using AF-S or AF-C for focusing and then next came the problem of shaky hands. Most of the time the videos were shot using one hand because I’d be holding Fitzand’s hand in the other … or even carrying him! Guess the stabalizer in the cam must be working well too. LOL! Nothing amazing (the video) but I’m trying to resize it to 500MB so that I can upload it to Vimeo … for those who are too free and don’t mind watching it.


  1. I see a set of “Chinatown toys”.. 😉 I thought the “cross process” colors are quite nice ley..

  2. @irorus : Hahaha! Yeah I was there for dim sum that morning. The ‘xpro’ colors are not too bad but then maybe I’m spoiled by the real thing (aka film xpro). LOL

  3. When’s the comparison between ep1 n epl1 coming up?

  4. @cyanwater : Hmm. I somehow forgot about that! Hahaha! Let’s see if I can do it this coming weekend.

  5. woo, lensbaby should send me 1 for the mijonju show 🙂

  6. @Mijonju : Hahaha! Before that … how about getting Leica to send you an X1 to review first? 😀 Managed to grope one yet?

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