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Since I had the newly acquired K-x with me in Tokyo, I wanted to try shooting some video clips with it. Using the kit lens, I happily switched the cam to video mode but later realised I was struggling to get things right. First was the focusing. I later realised that maybe I should be using it in AF-C mode because focusing was going all crazy with those stuffs in the parade moving in and out.

The other thing is the exposure. I ain’t sure how to actually make it stick to one exposure and thus you sometimes see things getting dark and then bright and then dark again. Hahaha! I’m such a fool. Time to go learn a little bit about these.

Some of the clips appear to be shaking like an earthquake and that is because I was shooting many of them with only one hand. The other hand is either holding on to Fitzand or … carrying him (18kg!). Anyway … I took these clips just to capture the fun and sights … and then let Fitzand watch it on TV when he starts to miss Disneyland. It ended up pretty long because I couldn’t decide on which to leave out. 😛 Since the cam shoots video on HD, it looks pretty okay on my TV at home but I had to compress it to a lower resolution because Vimeo only allows 500MB uploads. It wasn’t meant to be for the web but I thought maybe I could post it here in my blog … for anyone who has time to watch it.

There are certain little sections which makes me smile … like how Fitzand went chasing after pigeons, trying to ‘drink’ raindrops that were coming down from this raincoat hood and making a dash for the popcorn stall. As for the fireworks, the one without the building was taken in Disneyland in the drizzle. Fitzand insisted that he wants to watch it from near and we had to squat beside a stall for shelter and watch it. Ain’t easy trying to keep the camera from the drizzle, shooting video and making sure Fitzand doesn’t get wet.

The other tough thing when I put these clips together was to find some music to go with it. I should have bought some of the happy sounding Disney music when I was there. Strangely I realised that most of the music/songs I have are angry ones. Hahahaha! Anyway, still I was able to dig out a few that perhaps … ermm … acceptable. 😛


  1. YOur son is a talented dancer! haha. cute

  2. I have Disney Music! You want? I send some over.. ahahahahaha.. and i want to live in Disneyland. 🙁

  3. @Mijonju : Wait til you see his fat ol’ daddy dance! Muwahaha! How’s that for the next Mijonju show?

    @irorus : Which type? I have some CDs with those Disney songs but not the happy type they have in parades. Oh … let’s all move to Disneyland!

  4. count me in can? I want to move to Disneyland also.

  5. @nelly : You have to first go get your E-P1/E-PL1 AND the LC-A+. 😛

  6. hey ndroo,nice video n great music selection!

  7. @ben : For real? Hahahaha! I thought it will be the worse video ever. Thanks.

  8. Heehee, mine is a little bit vintage/retro type.. lemme know if you want.. hee.. can send you or I’ll burn you a copy.

  9. yea for real, it was really enjoyable watching the vid. a nice tour around disney too.

  10. @irorus : Cool! Thanks!

    @ben : Oh thank you!

  11. Absolutely love this!

  12. @Ta : Thank you. I actually added a few seconds of other clips to it last night but that’s for the version that I’ll be playing on TV for Fitzand. Apparently I forgot to add in a part where Simba from the Lion King made his appearance. Fitzand loves Simba! 😀

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