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I remember having to pour out the contents of my camera bag for the airport security guy (Narita Airport) and showed him my cams and chargers etc. He then put them all in 2 trays to re-scan them. He later came back to me and handed back my stuffs and held up my Holga … and said ‘Camera!’. I was wondering if he was asking me if that ugly plastic is a camera or was he telling me it is a cool camera. Hmm. Nevermind.

I threw in the Holga into my backpack for the trip just because I had a roll of expired Kodak T400CN that I wanted to try out. I bought a few of them for some project and wanted to know if the film are okay (expired!) … so since the camera is not much heavier than my pack of ciggies … I brought it along.

It wasn’t at all easy shooting with a Holga when I had Fitzand around with me all the time. I’ve to either hold his hand or carry him and that leaves me with only 1 hand to shoot … with a Holga! It was still quite okay pressing the shutter release button but advancing the film was quite a circus act.

This one above is my favourite from this roll. Thank God the sky wasn’t too bright on that day (for ISO400 film). It was taken somewhere near Asakusa when we went loitering around there. Fortunately Fitzand didn’t ask for a ride on it. Phew!

This one above is more of a ‘filler’ shot. I was desperate to finish the roll and didn’t have much chance to whip out the Holga. So I did a double because of the bad lighting. Hmm. This one sucks!

Another tricky lighting situation but it turned out as one of my fav from the roll.

DVD? WTF was I thinking? Another filler shot … 😛

My hands were free to take this one above because Fitzand was busy with some capsule machine there (you can see tons of them in this photo too).

Another disaster … Fortune?

The last one is a tribute to a camera paradise … Yodobashi!

Scanning these photos in my room now … all hot and sweaty … I sure do miss the cold weather in Tokyo. 🙁 Anyway … at least I know the films I bought (the T400CN) are okay and will put them to good use soon. I’m not sure what is the difference between this and the BW400CN but I was told that the T400CN is the older version of it. Really?


  1. wow you can really bring out the japan in tokyo 🙂

  2. @Mijonju : Thanks. I think I missed one thing. Should have loaded a fast film and finish a roll in those cam shops! LOL!

  3. luv this set bro! esp 2nd pic! but looked scaryyy… flying houses?

  4. which model of Holga you use?

  5. @lawry : Thanks. Yeah ‘flying houses’. 😀

    @ben : I am using the CFN version. After trying out a glass lens version … I swear to only stick to plastic lens ones. The glass lens one I had seemed to sharp! LOL!

  6. For real—great roll! All of them! particularly your favorite shot and the one of the mopeds and the sign. Lovely! It is very tricky shooting with little people, I know, so well done!

  7. @Jenni : Thank you.

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