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After a short break from using my Lensbaby, finally I’ve ‘migrated’ the cool lenses to Pentax mount and since the K-x will be almost ‘permanently married’ to the Lensbabies … I had to give it a test run to figure out how the camera will meter with the lenses. Lugged the setup to Malaysia during the weekend … hoping to be able to find time to take some shots and get used to the new combo … time somehow zapped past real fast and I ended up with only a handful of photos.

One thing I realise is that when using the Lensbaby on the K-x in Aperture Priority (A) mode … I will need to dial the exposure compensation to +3. Otherwise metering goes all crazy. Of course using it in Manual mode solves this problem but I’d prefer to use the easier method (A mode).

This one above is my favourite shot from this batch. It ain’t easy photographing the kiddos (this lil girl is my bro’s precious) because somehow they seem to look at the camera for a fraction of a second before running away. Maybe I should add some blinking LEDs on my cam to attract them next time.

Every minute was like so busy when I was back in my hometown visiting my parents, so the only ‘models’ I had were Fitzand and his cousin sister … Zaydeen. The biggest shit I had when photographing them was that my bro’s maid keep appearing behind them when I wanna take photos … as if she wants to be included in the shots. Few times I asked her to move away but later on … she automatically appears. Duh!

After this round of testing and getting used to the options on the camera, I hope I can start putting the Lensbabies to better use from now on. After converting the Composer and Muse to Pentax mount … I suddenly realised that I do not have one with Canon mount for my film SLR! Damn! This means I’ll have to go change the mount every time I wanna use it on my SLR. No … don’t ask me to buy a Pentax film SLR!


  1. Which means it’s a bad idea to switch from Canon to Pentax.

  2. @cyanwater : Hehehe. No. I am loving the white Pentax lots. 😛

  3. now u make me feel bad for ignoring LB for such a long time… and the last pic of FITz… LOL i tot it was Connie beign force to model… LOL

  4. @noreen : Yeah … it has been ages since you used the LB!

  5. Yeah my maid is a CAMWHORE!!!! She doesn’t know how to butt off when we take pics….nice pics..send to me ya.

  6. @Kristine : Yeah man! She’s like wanna zoom into every damn photo. I had to refrain from pressing the shutter button to prevent damage to the sensor. Damn. I’ll send them to you tomorrow.

  7. Camwhore maid!!! I had one too! The 2nd maid I employed was like that. Very irritating.

  8. @nelly : Hahahaha! Kristine’s maid not only keep appearing behind the kids whenever I tried to photograph them … she will make a dash behind me to look at the LCD after I take the shots. It really drove me nuts!

  9. Hahaha…maybe u should set up a studio session for my maid..make her into a leng lui model :-p

  10. @kristine : Hmm.. now that you mention it … it might be one hell of a interesting project! Imagine shooting her in a themed manner … maybe in black & white. Her curly messy hair and the stoned look … might make some very interesting photos leh! I’ll have to use film cameras to prevent damage to my digital camera sensor. Still it might be hell cool and funny. 😀 How about you posing with her? Might be cool. Hmm. Maybe your darling hubby might be a nice partner for her too. Muwahahaha! Get him drunk and make him pose with her!

  11. Hey there, I just picked up a Lensbaby for my k-x and I can’t figure out how to set the aperture manually. Even if I put it in aperture priority mode, the display just shows F —. I thought I’d be able to manually set it to F2.8 or whatever aperture disk I happened to have installed. Is that possible?

  12. @Ken : You do not have to set the aperture on the camera body. The aperture is all depending on the aperture disc you put in front of the lens. The camera is saying ‘F—‘ perhaps because there ain’t no (electronic) contact between the camera & lens. That is perfectly normal. Did you set the switch on the camera body to ‘MF’? So far I find that on the K-x, to get better exposure you have to use the camera in M (manual) mode as the Aperture Priority mode tends to underexpose the shots.

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