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Traveled up to Malaysia to visit my folks last weekend and my brother (from Kuala Lumpur) was also there with his little girl, Zaydeen. Fitzand was thrilled to meet his ‘partner in crime’ again and they turned my folks home upside down with their funny and noisy tricks. We dragged my brother and Zaydeen along when we visited our in-laws whose home is about 30 minutes from town and boy … the two kiddos had a fun time there feeding chickens, eating durians and lurking under the trees.

I had my Harinezumi 2 with me and of course I used it to capture some clips of the fun they had. I somehow forgot to pump up the ISO for the indoor ones … so they might look a little darker. 😛

I’m sure this is quite an unforgettable trip for Fitzand. He kept referring to the corn they fed the chickens as ‘popcorn’. LOL! Must be still thinking about the big buckets of popcorn he had in Disneyland!


  1. I’m amazed! How did Fitz do that workout on that machine?!? Way cool!

  2. @nelly : Ermmm … Hahahaha! Yeah! I was pretty surprised how he suddenly managed to use it. Even the little girl can do it!

  3. My god!! … They are so adorable! (Is it like father like son?? Hmmmm…) …

  4. @ngliaong : Thanks. Hahaha! Father? He was way more adorable … centuries ago. 🙁

  5. iPhone can see the photo! Why discriminate iPhone!

  6. @Hannah : You mean you can’t view the video eh? Not my fault. Hahaha! I think iPhone doesn’t support viewing of Vimeo videos (yet). Only a part of Vimeo is iPhone-friendly now I think.

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