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After scanning the roll of Sensia last week, I just couldn’t find enough time to get the images outta the 2nd roll. This second roll is another roll of randoms but this time … using Fujichrome MS 100/1000. It has become one of my favourite film for cross processing and I simply love the different colors it produces under different lighting. Some of these were taken indoors at the mall near the hotel in Disney … and look how steady my hand was! Hahaha! Yeah … I didn’t touch beer when I was staying there … thus the possibility of having a pair of steady hands is higher.

These two shots somehow overlapped and becomes my favourite shot outta this roll …

Looking at these photos make me miss Tokyo lots and lots. Damn. I miss everything about it especially the cold weather when I was there. It is like sitting in an oven here in super duper hot Singapore. 🙁

They had this echo effect thingie at the Ikspiari (entertainment/dining/shopping complex at Tokyo Disney Resort) and I got a little amused when I fired a shot on my LC-A+. It went ‘Clack!’ and I could hear ‘Clack~ clack~ clack~’. Fitzand found out about it and started shouting ‘Echo! Echo!’.

This one below was taken in an ice cream shop (in Ikspiari). It is strange how it turns out so red/orange that makes it look like redscale!


  1. Can’t wait to finish my very first roll…..grrrrr………

  2. @nelly : How many frames burned already? Didn’t Cindy tell you (when you were at the shop) about the 10 golden rules? 😛 One of them says ‘Don’t think .. just shoot’. LOL! Yeah … just shoot and then buy more film from her. 😛

  3. @nelly: haha! No more waiting! You’ll get instant results with the instax back! 😉

  4. * chants ‘nelly is chopped liver’ *

  5. Stunning set!!!


  7. @Jer : Thanks

    @Cynthia : VOOM VAVA!

  8. jialat….i’m so dead….no wonder i woke up this morning feeling like a bulldozer had ran over me……..

  9. @nelly : Yea. Be afraid! Be very afraid. She is the Queen!

  10. nelly died ………

  11. RIP nelly … we’ll miss you.

  12. wooowwwwooooo….

  13. @noreen : Xie xie.

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