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I managed to get my Instant Back for my LC-A+ installed last night. It arrived after quite a wait but now it is available at ThirtySix and thank God … installation went smoothly and it was ready to be used in minutes. The bad news is that when I brought it out to do some test shots today … I forgot to bring along some CR2 batteries for it! Stupid me! Hahahha!

So the day started with a quick breakfast and then off to Orchard Road for some shopping/slacking. Met up with some friends for a quick beer around noon and had a quick light bite at Ion Orchard.

These might look yummy but I remember only having a few quick bites as I was entertaining Fitzand most of the time with his newly bought Chuggington trains.

The best part of the day was this little drinking session cum celebration with Noreen, Jimmy and Cindy (from ThirtySix) to celebrate her success in getting her work into the International Floral Art 2010-2011 book. It was really fun session especially when it came to the end. 😀 Muwahahahaha! I’ll try not to go into details about it. 😛 It was one of the funniest drinking sessions for quite a long time now. I had big fun! Fitzand skipped the noon nap and fell asleep earlier and thus I was able to (after a long time) … enjoy my drinks with my buddies without Fitzand going ‘Daddy! Let’s go home now!’.

Noreen also brought some goodies for Fitzand (although he was unable to join us today). I am super sure he will be super happy tomorrow when he wakes up to see them. A Madagascar character keychaing thingie (Alex the lion is his all time favourite!) and also a cool animal sticker book. Gosh … I can’t wait to see his face when he sees these stuffs! Thank you very very much … Noreen! (I hope you like the flowers! Muahahahahah! Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!)

Cindy (the famous Lomography Queen … cyanwater) also was present and she gave me a cool present too! It was this cool crazy ‘lens’ that multiplies every subject  and although it makes my old fuzzy eyeballs a little worse .. I love it! I’m gonna try using it on my shots real soon. Thank you, Cin!

This is the stuff that Auntie Cindy is trying to make my old fuzzy eyeballs get worse …

It was a wonderful evening with friends and now that I’ve come to the end of this entry … I’ve just realised that it is already 2:30am! OMG! I’m bringing Fitzand to the zoo tomorrow morning (and at the same time meeting an old friend there) and I definitely need to go get some sleep!


  1. The flowers are really pretty sitting on the table in the recycle Choya bottle….. hehehehhe
    KUA KUA KUA KUA!!!! i will nvr forget this hilarious drinking session and i hope u can self ban yourself from going to C- – – – Y for a while…. LOL ….. hope he like the little gifts…. and that’s to bribe him from asking me to be his model in future…. LOL

  2. @noreen : LOL! Yeah I saw the photo of the flowers in your FB account. Awesome! LOL! I hardly go down to C——– nowdays. Last night was a very rare opportunity because Fitzand went to bed early. I just showed him the gifts a few minutes ago when he woke up. He went ‘ALEX!!!!!!’. Hahahaha! Okay, gotta go to the zoo now. Thank God there ain’t no hangover. Phew.

  3. good morning,,,… i just got up… LOL…… yah they flowers are really awesome….. ahhhahahaha…. have fun in the zoo zoo zoo!!!!

  4. OMG! You gave noreen flowers right in front of her darling???!!! LTD!!!

    You should have taken a picture with your drunken vision with that! Hahaha!

  5. Looks like you guys had fun. Droo, thanks for asking me yday but Josh was having fever and like I said, used up my runaway from home quota.. 🙁 next time then.

  6. @noreen : I just got back from the zoo. 5 hours there … and they ran out of that ‘mini explorer’ cart thingie that I usually let Fitz sit in and I drag all over the zoo. He got used to ‘enjoying’ without having to walk like mad … and today I had to carry him almost all the time! Carrying 18 to 19kg … for about 5 hours … now I am almost dead.

    @cyanwater : Yeah. I gave it to her right in front of her darling who only gave her a small tiny bunch of them flowers. I win! LOL! I will try play with the drunken vision thingie later. It is hell fun just looking thru it (without using a cam). LOL! Maybe I should try putting it in front of my eyes and drive to work tomorrow.

    @nelly : Yeah we had fun. We shall do it again someday when you are free. Have to keep the kids away when the big fun happens though … to avoid setting big bad examples. 😛

  7. latest update… i think they are dying… hahahah cause these are blossom flowers… once flower blossom they will die very soon…. LOL

  8. @noreen : Oh that’s bad news! Worry not! We shall replenish! See you there … same time, same place! Bring bigger backpack this time ok? 😀

  9. wahahaha ya man…cannot have kids around…..

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