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My battery is running very low now as I’m typing this. After having one too many beer last night and waking up early morning to bring my family to the zoo … I haven’t really got any rest since my eyes opened this morning. We had great time at the zoo but unfortunately the ‘Mini Explorer’ thingie which we usually rent to cart Fitzand around was ‘out of stock’. That caused me to be his replacement ‘vehicle’ at the zoo and after about 5 hours there … I drove home wondering if it was still my leg that’s on the accelerator pedal.

I only managed a few quick snapshots of Fitzand today. It was almost impossible trying to photograph him as he was in my arms most of the time.

I also met up with an old friend at the zoo (no … not the monkeys!!!). He was with his kids there too and being a big Pentax fan, he had an old but good condition Pentax ME Super to sell me at a very cheap price and I grabbed it to use with my Lensbabies which are now Pentax mount. As we were both busy with our little ones, we didn’t have much time to chat but it sure feel great to meet up with old friends (we met ages ago in some photography forum).

After getting my LC-A+ Instant Back installed last Friday and forgetting to bring along batteries yesterday for some test shots … I finally was ready to burn a pack of film on it to test it out today at the zoo. Unfortunately I had only enough time (and opportunity) to fire 3 shots … and killed the 1st one. Not sure what was going on in my brain when I took the first shot but I was trying to photograph some deers … far away! OMG! Must be last night’s beer!!!

I kinda like this giraffe shot but lighting was pretty bad then. I should have set the camera to ISO100 to get a brighter exposure. Grrrr!

This is a test of the double exposure capability. Seems to be really fun.

I’ll save the rest of the shots in the pack for more test shots later next weekend. So far my first encounter with this instant back has yet to give any conclusion if I love it or not. It makes the LC-A+ bulky and it is no longer pocketable. The other thing is (just like the Diana F+ instant back), I need to keep reminding myself to switch off the instant back after ejecting a piece of film … to prevent accidental waste of film because the big eject button at the back is prone to contact with my fat body.

About time to go get some rest. Fitzand just fell asleep after skipping his afternoon nap. He seems to be supercharged today and showed no sign of feeling sleepy/tired. Hmm. He can’t be tired since poor old dad was the one carrying him the entire morning. Right? He was watching Disney cartoons on my netbook just now before he finally asked for his milk and fell asleep. Since I had to sit around making sure he doesn’t kill my netbook, I took a few snapshots of him. He has now learned how to navigate using the touchpad and buttons … so I do not have to change videos for him after each clip he watches. Phew! But on the other hand … soon I’ll have to implement those parental control thingie to prevent him from clicking the wrong kind of videos. 😛


  1. don’t keep wrong type of video in your netbook ah. LOL

    i like it that little fitzand is very used to camera : ) starting to take some pics of jason’s niece recently, not easy lol

  2. aaaah!! the wrong kind of videos……*raise eyebrows*

  3. @Vonz : Worry not. Netbook got no *ahem* videos. He ain’t too camera friendly too. Maybe kena snap too much pics when he was younger. LOL! Usually need some tricks to get him to cooperate (for few seconds). LOL.

    @nelly : Muwahahaha! In HD some more!

  4. Thw picture so cute…. hahahha he like trying to bio u from the screen,,, hahaha btw is that sticker on the wall? LOL

  5. @noreen : Yeah those are stickers on the wall. I let him have the walls as his ‘canvas’ for his stickers. Hahhaa!

  6. fitzand looks really cute/cheeky in the last 2nd pic!

  7. @cyanwater : That was his ‘take-all-the-photos-you-want-because-i-am-busy-watching-videos’ look.

  8. wow the out depth on the LC-A and the Back is pretty cool, the distortion.. i might wanna try too

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