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Found an old (and dead) Polaroid EE100 in my drawer last night and suddenly I remembered that there should be some film left in there. That pack of FP-100C was in there ages ago when I tried modifying the dead camera into a pinhole one but the mod got abandoned when little Fitzand arrived in this world … 3 years ago!

Poor EE100 … ready to be wheeled into the operating theater but I am still too busy to complete the mod. Notice the lens already ripped out but the shutter mechanism stuffs are still in the front panel. I jammed them up so that I can plant a pinhole ‘lens’ on it.

I pulled out the last piece of film from it … waited about a minute and peeled it … to reveal a photo that looks ultra cool and crazy to me. Hahahaha! I don’t know what the subject is but I think it is a result of mad light leaks and screwed up pinhole attempt. I’m loving it!


Cool eh? I spent about 15 minutes last night … changing the modification idea to it and hopefully will find enough time to get it up and (hopefully) working this weekend for some test shots. Hey wait … I am out of film packs! Darn! Now I’ve go find time to grab some from the shops before the long weekend arrives. I ain’t too big a fan of instant photos … because I know my itchy fingers will cause severe damage to my wallet (especially with the ultra cool new Polaroid film). However … I think I can pamper myself once in a while with a pack or two to play with. Don’t you think so? 😛


  1. Go ahead and pamper yourself! A pack or two of films is/are never considered surplus… =D

  2. @kaxdd : The problem is … I’ve been pampering myself too often and have to pull the brakes a little. Hahaha!

  3. Wow looks like jelly fishes! lol

  4. @Mionju: It is partly your fault that I’m interested to play with these instant stuffs again. Grrrr!

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