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Yes there will be some photos I took using the LC-A+ and the instant back in this post. They will be at the end of this entry … just in case you are wondering why on earth you don’t see them after scrolling (a bit) down. I’ll leave them at the end of the post to make sure you see my digital ones. Hahaha! Nah! Joking.

Anyway … since there is this Pixar’s ’20 years of animation’ going on at the Science Center, we decided to bring Fitzand there for a fun time … since there will be some of this favourite characters from the Monsters Inc there. There ain’t gonna be characters clowning around like in Disney or Universal Studios but at least he’ll be able to look at some graphics. Ermm … ok … I admit … I am the one who is interested to look at the graphics. 😛

Reached early for breakfast and Fitzand got a welcome yummy …

Mr. Curious was all over the place! OMG! Thank God there’s air-conditioning … otherwise I might have fainted there. I kept having to go after him because he seemed attracted to anything with a button.

Fitzand is a big fan of those Chinese acrobats stuffs. He always make me stand in front of the stage in malls whenever he sees them performing. Today he got to understand (or rather … try) it …

I didn’t take much photo in the Science Center because of the lighting (low low low!) and also I was too busy going after Mr. Curious. Photography ain’t allowed in the Pixar exhibition too. After some hours inside there, he wanted to play at the small water park there. Thank God we went prepared. The last time the childcare he attends brought them to the Science Center … the teachers said it was too hot for them to play. So this time he will definitely wanna have some fun in the water. Then … we realised we forgot to bring his swimming trunks or shorts. Duh! He refused to play in his briefs because the other kids were not doing so. LOL! So in that pair of jeans he played! Took a few video clips only and had to shield my cam from the water splashing from all directions.

This next shot below was before he got all soaking wet. They had lots of balls for the kids to play with and this poor old fat daddy had to go around fetching balls for him. Woof! Woof! Woof!

Okay … finally the photos I took with the LC-A+ and the instant back. After some disappointing initial test shots … this time I had more photos that I like. I still find it strange that the combo produces very dark photos out in the sun. I tried setting my camera to ISO100 and still got some dark ones (see below … those I took in the park yesterday morning).

I think this one above was 3 or 4 exposures of a chimpanzee (model). 😀

I didn’t plan to bring the LC-A+ and instant back to the Science Center today … but Fitzand made me do it. Yeah! Really. Since I let him ‘play’ with it by letting him eject the photo after every shot … he seems to be loving it (just ejecting it). Before we left home … he told me ‘bring that photo album camera!’. I was confused for a while but then realised he was referring to the LC-A+ and instant back. He usually ejects the film … pulls it out and then holds them (the photos) in a stack and tells me that he is making a photo album. Thank God I didn’t teach him how to use the camera (with instant back) or else I’ll be dead broke!

See these two below … taken yesterday morning at the park in the hot sun! Why are they so darn dark???!!! Arggggh!!!

I think the LC-A+ and instant back combo … hates the sun. 🙁

Phew! Finally I’m at the end of this entry. Super duper tired. Yesterday wifey was ‘on leave’ and went for haircut and facial etc etc. I was left to fend for myself … taking care of Fitzand and only got to rest like 30 minutes when he was taking his late noon nap. Today had to wake up early (Fitzand wakes me up at 7am+ anyway) for the Science Center then to Vivocity for dinner. Seriously I didn’t even have like 15 minutes of rest at all. After today’s activities … I think I will just drop on the bed and sleep like a pig anytime now.


  1. Hi, I just wanted to ask what camera do you use for the digital images? The colours are very pretty!

  2. Is your battery (A76) for the LCA+ brand new? Try replacing it and see if it improves..

  3. love the double exposure 🙂 i found a way for my lc-a (no +) to work with the instant back

  4. very nice ohhhh esp the chimp

  5. @noreen Ahhh Ummmm blalala hoooo balalala ummm balalala! POW (looks like an elephant)

  6. @mijonju ummmmm bllalal hoohohoh ommmmm blalaalalalala ommmm baallaal POW (looks like mijonju)

    bwhhhahahah * running away from ….. disappear to thin air before mijonju bring knife and kill me

  7. LOL i got hipnotized by the elephant looking chimp.. idont use a knife
    i swing my camera with a camera strap 🙂 rawr

  8. ah! so that’s why you said you were dying! Thank goodness i opted to stay home yesterday. O/w I would have been dead (since you who has only 1 kid is dying, I who have 2, would be dead!)

    I like the doubles. Nice!

  9. @random stranger : These digital ones were taken using an Olympus E-P1. I love the colors that Olympus cams produce. Most of the time … the colors really pop even without post processing.

    @leejiing : I’m using a fresh set of batteries already. 🙁

    @Mijonju : Thanks. Oh you found an easier way to use the back on the old LC-A? I read the instruction manual and it says that the only problem if using the old LC-As is that there ain’t no MX button and accessing the film advance wheel is very difficult. Looking forward to see your method.

    @noreen : Thanks. The chimp’s lips are sexy eh? LOL!

    @nelly : Thanks. Hahaha! Yeah … I’ve yet to recover from the ‘damage’. I really need to get some sleep or I’ll just fall dead anytime.

  10. my daytime shots are dark, too. i’m afraid if i use it for this upcoming wedding shoot we have, i’ll get dark pictures. 🙁

  11. @ethermoon : Now at least I can confirm that I’m not the only one worried about using it in the sun. Hmm. Maybe I should try email LSI support and see what they say.

  12. Seriously after browsing your shots and some others from various site, I am very tempted to get a camera to shoot some instax but I am not sure what is a good option….the instax or get a lomo cam with the instant back. By the way, is there a newly launched Fuji Instax cam which does printing and not expose onto the instax film?

  13. @Jer : If size is not a problem .. .get the Instax 200/210 that shoots the Instax Wide film. I love that better than the little tiny mini ones. Using the Instax Mini on the LCA is only fun once in a while. You can see the pretty boring ‘standard’ vignetting in almost all the shots. Zzzzzz. What do you mean by instax cam what doesn’t expose instax film? 😀 THat sounds more like a normal digi cam. 😛

  14. I think there is a new instax cam that print instax look-a-prints which I saw while browsing the net but never go into the details of it. You load photo paper and not instax. Well…if there is really such a camera, I have to agree with you that it is just a digi cam with art filters and a built-in printer…

  15. @Jer : Oh you mean the Pivi? Saw that before but not really that interesting. 😀

  16. Oops…its not a new cam on the shelve, read wrongly. Its the Fuji Instax Mini 25…

  17. @Jer : It is time … to B.U.Y!

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