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Found a couple of blank aperture discs in my drawer (for the Lensbaby) just the other day and thought it might be cool to try doing some unique ones instead of those made by using craft punchers. It can also try submitting them for the Lensbaby’s ‘Creative Aperture Kit Contest’ and try my luck there.

The usual problem of not having time to go out shooting was still bugging me, so I had to try take some test shots from inside my car, at home and while waiting for wifey (in the car). There is also one that was taken from my window one evening when Fitzand was taking a nap.

This one above is my favourite. Don’t worry … the yellow pair of sunnies belongs to Fitzand and not me. 😀

Had to crop this one (above) as square format because there were some very bright light sources (stadium floodlights?) on the two sides.

You won’t see much of the aperture disc ‘effect’ in these two last test shots …

I’ll try find time for more test shots and hopefully find some idea to work on the last blank aperture disc soon. Not sure why but I find it very difficult to use a DSLR now. Hahaha! Some of you might have read that I sold of my DSLR system some time ago and bought a white Pentax K-x just to use the Lensbabies … but somehow I find myself very clumsy when it comes to using the camera! OMG! I’ve been owning (and using) a DSLR for many years already and after just a short ‘absence’ … now I find it very difficult to hold one. Hmm …


  1. hold that thought.. hand not steady then can get the accidental blur stuff that you like!

  2. @nelly : Hahahaha! No … I need steady hands because with the kind of cameras I like … the blur is sufficient. 😀

  3. WOW…you have a nice view of the cityscape from your window…..mine is the boring HDB with lots of bamboo poles….suxs….

    I love the shot of the shades.

  4. @Jer : Yeah. That’s one of the reason why we chose that unit. We can see fireworks too. A bit far though … and blocked a bit by the blocks on the right. Can’t wait for the Bishan Park upgrade thingie to complete. It’s gonna look cool from the window too. (

  5. COOL!! i didnt know digital can be this creative too!! wow! but must have the lens baby hor?

  6. @lawry : The Lensbaby opens up lots of room for creativity and fun in digital. Some say it can be done in Photoshop but then it is like saying you can Photoshop Lomo effects … you can try but you can’t enjoy the fun of shooting with the real thing. 😀

  7. Love the sunglasses shot!

  8. @Ta : Thanks.

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