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Ever since I found that pancake lens to use on my Nikon FA … I find myself not wanting to remove it (from the body) and thus my 50mm lens got neglected for a while. I took pity on it and managed to find a good condition black Nikon F3 to ‘accompany’ the poor lonely lens and I really love the combo! The moment I held that F3 in my hands … I could feel that it is solid like a tank! Cool! A little heavy but might be handy when I get into trouble doing street shooting. šŸ˜›

I was too tired to take any proper photo of the combo … so here’s a simple snapshot of it …

The new sexy black body now completes the 50mm f1.4 lens. Time for some test drive this weekend!

This is my Nikon FA that is now inseparable from the pancake lens. šŸ˜›

“TheĀ Nikon F3 wasĀ Nikon’s third professionalĀ single-lens reflex camera body, preceded by theĀ F andĀ F2. Introduced in 1980, it had manual and semi-automatic exposure control whereby the camera would select the correct shutter speed (aperture priority automation). The Nikon F3 series cameras had the most model variations of any Nikon F camera. It was also the first of numerous Nikon F-series cameras to be styled by Italian designerĀ Giorgetto Giugiaro, and to include a red stripe on the handgrip ā€“ a feature that would later become (with variants of stripes and various other shapes) a signature feature of many Nikon cameras.”

I’ve been feeling really ‘low on battery’ for the last few days. Tired. I’ve to pick myself up … recharge and get back to normal soon. Was feeling pretty okay just now after Fitzand went to bed … so I decided to do some housekeeping and sort out the photos I took of Fitzand during my recent trip to Tokyo. I’m always too lazy to sort out photos but I hate the backlog. Not sure if grabbing a coffee now will help but so far I’ve only gone through maybe 5% of the photos and decided to call it a day. Hahaha! Anyway … I’ll post two of my favourite ones from the batches I went though …

Colors straight outta the camera! Cool eh? I simply love the colors the Olympus Pen produces … even the skin tones looks good without post processing.

He was messing around with this hat but we didn’t buy it in the end. Not practical for the crazy super hot weather here.

Guess my battery ain’t gonna last to long and thus we’ve come to the end of this entry. Hahaha! I need perhaps 90 hours of sleep & rest for a full recharge but too bad … tomorrow is a working day. Hmmm … maybe I should just call in sick? *evil grin*


  1. Fitzand looks hilarious with the hat!

  2. sexy black f3, you took fitz’s photo in japan with the e-pl1?

  3. @cyanwater : Yeah! Hahaha! He was laughing at himself when he looked in the mirror.

    @Mijonju : Yeah all the photos (digital) during that trip were taken using the E-PL1.

  4. @Mijonju : I’m looking for eyepiece correction lenses for both the Nikons. Are you able to help me get them when you are in the shops?

  5. The cams remind me of my FM2…never use for ages and is living in the darkness of my congested camera bag.

  6. @Jer : Why not use it? Now all digital? Maybe you can sell the FM2 to me. 50 bucks? šŸ˜›

  7. I am going to keep my FM2….thats my 1st SLR….sentimental value. If I have the luxury of time to do focusing, I will use it.

  8. @Jer : Hahaha! I was only joking. That’s one great cam to own. Keep it. I know how hard it is shooting with manual focus when you have to have a kiddo around.

  9. Haha!!! Yah man….My hand is not motorised and equipped with IS! Actually I am hoping to find a wide angle lens for my FM2, so only have a macro and 50mm F1.8 lenses.

  10. @Jer : Same here. One day I might try find a wide lens for the FA/F3 because I ain’t sure if I’ll be needing one.

  11. that one cute HAT!!!!!! hhahahahahha he expression also funny loh

  12. Hiaks, Jer, I was going to offer to buy your FM2 too. But then, we are all in the same league: hard press for time to do serious shooting with kiddo(s) around!

  13. @nelly : Oh!!! Worry not! I’ll find you one (the FM2)!

  14. no no no noooooooooooooooooo

    poison stay away from me!!

  15. @nelly : Do … not … resist …

  16. That no-teeth smile again….eiei

  17. @Ta : Hahaha! Yeah! That was during that trip when he got ‘stuck’ with that smile. šŸ˜€

  18. where did u buy the F3 from?
    is there a good cam shop you would recommend?

  19. Hi unker andrew….
    your F3 looks awesome.
    do u recommend any second hand cam shops??

  20. @solace : I got that F3 from the CS buy/sell section. I don’t really have any 2nd hand camera shop here to recommend you because I’ve heard that unless you are aware of the market prices and are willing to go bargain etc … the prices in the few shops here ain’t cheap. I’ve seen some around Peninsula but the price tags are pretty … expensive. You are still hunting for your SLR? šŸ˜›

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