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Another weekend just came and went. As much as I’d like to spend more time with my cameras, I decided to dedicate more almost all the time with Fitzand … despite knowing the fact that I’ll be dead tired come Sunday night. The best part was by the time Fitzand went to bed (early) … I found that my modem died a natural death and I was left without internet access. Grrrr!

Yet to finish a couple of rolls on different cameras, so this entry will be peppered with just photos of my little boy instead. 😛

Brought my family out for breakfast early Saturday morning and ended up at Bugis Junction after that. Fitzand wanted to play at the fountain (yeah the one that half a billion people has taken photos of kids playing there) but we didn’t bring extra clothes for him. Luckily he chose to play with soap bubbles instead.

After all the huffing and puffing (and the crazy hot weather), it was ice cream time. He initially went for the green tea flavour but swapped that for a mango one within seconds.

… and you can see how happy he was …

While his mommy went shopping, we lurked around the mall and found this cute watch for him. There was another one with zebra stripes and being a big fan of the zoo (caused by Madagascar the movie), he had a small problem choosing between the zebra and the giraffe ones. He told me ‘Ok! We take the zebra and giraffe ones!’. OMG! Now that’s a good way to solve a problem! I have the same problem sometimes with cameras! Hahaha! Nah. Eventually I managed to make him pick one and of course he went for the colorful one. When his mommy saw it … he said ‘Look mommy! My new watch. Cool!’.

We got tired of walking around and decided to slack at TCC and gulp some coffee and hot chocolate while waiting for mommy to finish shopping. It is always fun to slack with the little one because he’ll come up with 101 funny things to ask me.

He got a jar of candy from Sticky too!

You can see his sleepy face in the next photo. Hahaha! He fell asleep in my (aching) arms when we finished the drinks and continued shopping. See that cat on that shirt his mommy bought him? That morning he was trying to make the same facial expression as the cat but too bad I didn’t have a camera on hand.

‘Dim sum’ breakfast! Sorry no photos of the food because I was too busy eating. Fitzand has ‘mastered’ the art of using chopsticks. Not really the correct way (even I don’t use it correctly) but still he’s able to pick up food now.

Photo (above) with ‘pose’ inspired by Monster Inc.

After breakfast yesterday, I took him out (yeah … just the 2 of us) for some fun and ended up at the Esplanade and Merlion Park. He loved staring at the Merlion spitting out water (he later showed me how Merlion does that when I bathed him). I had a Coke camera loaded with a roll that was sent my a friend for a doubles collaboration. He wanted to take some photos and I had no choice (!!!) but to let him take some shots with it. Hope they can turn out fine. Haha! I’m not telling whose roll that is … in case they get all screwed up. 😛

That’s about all … a summary of what I did (or didn’t do) last weekend. Come this Friday, there will be a Fathers’ Day outing organized by the childcare and we’ll be going to catch some fishes as well as feeding animals. I can’t wait for the day to arrive!

Oh btw … nevermind his haircut. He doesn’t wanna get a haircut at the shops and I’ve been giving him bits and bits of haircut every now and then. I know maybe someday he’ll end up looking like Dora. LOL!


  1. he looks cute with that fringe… hehehe … and the more i look at these picture the more i felt he have grown up even more…. kids grow so fast hor

  2. @noreen : I hope I won’t end up making his hair look like your old mushroom-style one. Hahaha! Yeah kids do grow fast (which somehow means we grow older as well). Sometimes I look at him and go ‘oh man … you’re a big boy now!’ but then it all resets when he starts crying and making a big fuss. Hahaha! He’s still a baby!

  3. Totally agree with droo! I’m also growing old fast! *boohoohoo*…..

  4. I thought his new hair was rather cute.

  5. @nelly : Fear not! You’ve got Nespresso! LOL!

  6. @mike : Really? Okay! I’m gonna give myself a similar haircut this weekend. Hey wait … I don’t have enough hair to do this! 🙁

  7. haha thanks for reminding me abt nespresso. The reason i wake up to go to work every week day! so exciting!

  8. @nelly : Oh yeah … thank you very very much. That means I’ve no reason to wake up to go work every week day then? 🙁 Grrrr!!!

  9. So cute! I used to cut my nephew’s hair too when he was much younger like fitzand. The same coconut husk hairdo! Lol.

  10. @cyanwater : Hahaha! So you nephew is also one of those who hates haircuts or were you just trying to make him your guinea pig?

  11. He looked very smart almost like a big boy with his new watch on!

  12. @Ta : Yeah … sometimes when I tell him that he can’t eat/do certain things because those ain’t for children … he’ll tell me ‘I’m a big boy already!’. Duh! LOL!

  13. I was trying to save some money. LOL

  14. @Ndroo: This is pretty normal.
    ….and if you tell them they’re grown up enough not to do this/that… they’ll reply ‘but i’m still a child and need to go to school.’

  15. @cyanwater : Now I know where you get all the $ to buy all the super cool cameras! You told the parents you were taking him for a haircut … then you DIY it … and pocket the $. Right??!!!

  16. @Beam : Hahaha! OMG! Don’t scare me!

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