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I know it ain’t cheap but I thought to spend about S$200 on such a special newly invented weird camera is worth the pain. Well that’s what I thought … until some friend told me it is more like a copy of another camera. Huh? Really? I’ve never seen one! So he gave meΒ this link and some four letter words came out flying from my filthy mouth. πŸ˜› I must be blind or do I not see this Spinshot 35S being mentioned in the ‘History of 360 Photography’ section in their microsite? Okay … fine. Since the Spinshot costs so much (as mentioned in the website), I think the money spent on this toy is pretty okay. *cough*

The Spinner 360 arrived yesterday but I was just too busy and tired at the end of the day to take any photo of it. Most of you might have already seen how the packaging is like but if you haven’t … here it is …

Photo leeched from LSI’s website because I ripped mine apart and dumped it in the office bin already.

A video by LSI on how to use it.

Pretty neat looking packaging eh? Thank God they didn’t include some darn heavy book like what they do for Diana F+ cameras. Phew! There is a thin booklet (instruction manual), a looooooooooooooong poster-like thingie, a stack of small pano format sample photos, a lens cap and a rubber ring inside. For a moment I was puzzled why the need of the rubber ring and after reading the instruction manual (which I think should include some illustrations) … I figured out that the rubber ring is meant to be a spare. You are suppose to remove the rubber ring (already one attached to the cam) from the camera ‘when rewinding or when you are giving the camera a rest’. Hmm. Why? Maybe to prevent it from losing elasticity?

Played with it for a while (without film loaded) and I guess the reason for that heavy metal lens hood is to help ‘balance’ the camera when spinning. I tried spinning it without the hood and it seemed less ‘stable’. Hmm. Okay. Fine. But does that mean we have to remove the hood when we wanna put the lens cap on? Hmm. Nevermind. I’ll do without the lens cap then.

There is switch on the camera to allow switching of aperture (like the Holga). You get to choose between Sunny and Cloudy … and also a setting to choose when you are rewinding the film. When set to the ‘rewind’ mode, the ‘shutter’ is closed and thus no light will be entering the camera from the front. If you (accidentally) left the switch on the ‘rewind’ mode … and start shooting your next roll … you better be prepared to get some weird stare from the guy at the lab when you collect your roll later. Yeah … it is gonna be blank! πŸ˜€

Now … since the camera doesn’t actually have a shutter … how does it work? First I tried spinning the camera with the back open and got really puzzled (yeah almost flunked all my science papers) how it works … since the light will be entering thru the lens all the time. What happens after taking a shot? Do I have to quickly get the lens cap on (which is hell because you’ve to remove the hood first)? I guess it doesn’t really matter because there is only one small ‘slot’ where the light is gonna get into the cam (onto the film) and by the time the cam stops spinning, it should be exposing only the part between 2 (long) frames.

Not sure how much I’ll be loving this camera (the thought of having myself in all the shots scares me!) but I do enjoying holding it in my hands. Hahaha! Maybe I can teach Fitzand and let him use it instead … but then where am I suppose to hide? Behind the trees? Behind the pillars? I can’t be flat on the floor because my tummy might still appear at the bottom of the frames! Urgh!

Weekend … where are you?!!!!


  1. yes!! weekend, where are u!! ?

  2. @evaeva : I called Mr. Weekend and he told me that he is in the queue. First will come Thursday … and then Friday. Be glad it is Wednesday today … or it will be worse. πŸ™

  3. “but then where am I suppose to hide? Behind the trees? Behind the pillars? I can’t be flat on the floor because my tummy might still appear at the bottom of the frames! Urgh!”

    LOL!!! You can put the spinner on top of your head lah.

  4. @irorus : Ermmm … I thought I wanted to let Fitzand pull the cord. You mean … I sit down on the floor and use my head as his tripod? OMG! I’ve to do that in some place without anyone around then. LOL!

  5. Wait no more….just burn your annual leave!!! hehehe…

  6. You could have put the spinner to great use in the middle of Orchard Road just now!

  7. @Jer : I’m saving them for my break come year end.

    @cyanwater : That is Jimmy’s job. Didn’t you realise he was all so excited over the photos and videos of the flood. Hahahaha!

  8. OF COURSE!!! According to his darling, he’s obsessed!

  9. Congrats on your new toy! Mine got lost! Delivered Halfway Lost! ROARS!!!

  10. @kaxdd : What??? Lost??? Lost in the mail? I thought they use DHL to send the goodies?

  11. Yes, they used DHL for the delivery. They sent it to my place yesterday, but I wasn’t home. So I had them delivered to my institution and indicating that I will be receiving it personally at the reception once they give me a call when they reach. Apparently, they had let someone else signed for the item when I already indicated to them I will sign for it personally. I checked the reception and the mail room, no parcels. And worst, I tracked the item online and they stated a person by the name of “Peter” had signed for the item. To make things look worse, there’s no one by the name of Peter in the admin department! NIGHTMARE!!! Seriously, I don’t know how DHL can allow others to sign for the item when I clearly indicated that I will sign for it personally and to give me a call when they reach my institution!

  12. @kaxdd : Oh that sucks bad! You should call up DHL and kick up a big fuss. Screw them upside down and make them be responsible for it. They do let others sign on behalf (eg. my office recept usually sign for me) but I think they need you to put down your IC number and stuffs. It can be this unsafe with DHL. Now probably some idiot at your place signed with a fake name and now happily spinning around. Ok … sorry for the joke. Anyway, I do suggest you call up DHL and make them answer (or pay).

  13. Yes! I’ve already indicated I do not want anyone to sign on my behalf. And on their website, DHL did indicate some proof of identity is required to sign for the item. I’m definitely going to screw DHL tomorrow!

  14. @kaxdd : All the best. Make them pay for the item as well as the shipping and maybe throw in some extras like free shipping for the rest of your life. It is scary how the staffs handle people’s documents/parcels.

  15. waiting for some spinning pic from kua… in the mean time i remember i tried on lawry spin…. its quite heavy and needed some strength to pull the cord (look alike bomb pin)… if its the same i doubt little zoo lover can handle that spinning machine.

  16. @noreen : Well … I’ll see if I can find time to burn a roll or two this weekend. I tried the cam (without film) and I am very sure the little one can handle the cord fine. Hahaha. It is just that I have to hold the cam for him or mount it on a tripod.

  17. Yay! Spin Spin Spin.. La la la πŸ™‚

  18. Finally got hold of my spinner! What a scare before the spin… Will see what I can do with it this weekend! Enjoy yours as well! I’m sure Fitzand will be very excited by this new toy!

  19. @kaxdd : Phew! Great news to hear that your baby is back in your arms. But … what actually happened? You managed to track down that Mr Peter? πŸ˜€

  20. Apparently, they sent my item to the Chemical Store and the store man signed for it. But I’m stilled pissed with DHL for not taking my request seriously. I indicated that I want to be called when the delivery is being made. Even on the parcel, there’s the instruction to call me at my mobile. However, no call from DHL, so I guess the parcel went into the Chemical Store since they have got no idea what it was.

    Nonetheless, I’m glad my camera is in my room instead of being placed beside bottles of chemicals (no, not photographic chemicals). Will be bringing it out later when I knock off to test out a few rolls of films. =)

  21. @kaxdd : I think you should still call DHL and kick their ass. At least they’ll (hopefully) take note of it and (hopefully) no more such panic next time. Have fun spinning!

  22. Calling landlines in Melbourne is freaky expensive. Think it was $0.50/min. I remembered calling a helpline once and they made me wait for tens of minutes and my $10 prepaid credit just went busted while still waiting! I will probably send them a complaint email to make known my displeasure. You too have fun spinning!

  23. Hi, I would like to check with you guys regarding the film scanning shoot by the spinner 360. I\’ve collected my develop rolls un-cut pack in the canister. The film curves up and how do we flaten it on the scanner? Hope you would provide some tips. Thks.

  24. @Lye Heng : Sorry for the late reply. Not sure why but I just realised that your comment went into the ‘trash folder’. I swear I didn’t move it there. Hahaha. To straighten the strip of film, you can try hanging it and keep it straight with a paper clip (those heavier ones) at the bottom. For me, I usually just scan it as it is … thought it is a bit difficult to straighten them on the scanner. You should get the new Lomo DigitaLIZA. It works great especially for curled up film.

  25. Thks for your info. Anyway I bought a piece of clear glass($2) and placed on it.

  26. @Lye Heng : Yeah that’s a good solution too. Have fun spinning!

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