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It has been weeks since the personal warranty period given to me by the guy who sold me the minty F3 is over and I’ve just (finally) finished the test roll on it. Things got a bit slow (the test roll) and I had to take a risk and hoped that the camera works fine … and it was quite a good thing to see that at least the metering still works great. This test roll is a long expired Mitsubishi 200 film which I pretty like and I remember buying some of these when I was in Malaysia. Sold some away and I’m down to perhaps my last couple of rolls now. Cheap and pretty decent negative.

Focusing using the split screen with a 50mm f1.4 lens attached … is always a little tricky (or maybe hell tricky for my old fuzzyeyeballs). Perhaps I should go get the correct diopter for the F3 and get to see things (hopefully) a little better in the viewfinder. 😀

Split screen focusing always seem like the biggest challenge whenever I try to photograph Fitzand. Here are few that are … ermm … pretty much in focus (I think) …

This one below is my favourite from the roll. Perhaps it is the lighting that makes it look pretty 3D.

As you can see from the images (below), these test shots were taken in different lighting to make sure the metering ain’t screwed but even if it is (screwed) … I guess it will be too late to kick the seller’s butt (for he assured me the cam is still in great working condition).

Now that I know the cammie is in good health … maybe I’ll feed it with a roll of Neopan tomorrow. Hmmm. Now how long will I take to finish that new roll then? Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Another roll that I finally got developed is one that was loaded in the Fisheye2 … demanded by my ‘boss’ … Mr. Fitzand. Hahaha! He is a big fan of the Fisheye2 and that other day when he saw it on my table, he told me to load it up with batteries (he loves it with the ringflash) and I thought it is a big sin to let him ‘shoot’ without film … so I dug up an expired roll of film from my drawer and let him have some fun.

He’s pretty familiar with the cam now and all these are his self portraits. 😀

Let me see if I can find time to scan the 1st test roll on my Spinner tomorrow. It is gonna be quite a disaster because not only are they random (like hell!) shots but also some were taken by Fitzand (he calls it ‘the turn turn camera’) and some were ‘finished off’ in a rush this morning on the way to work because the cammie is now in the hands of a Lomo Queen. No prize for guessing who she is. 😛 Anyway … scanning the long pano strips is gonna be one hell of a process and I sure need lots of patience to do it tomorrow. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  1. Love you, unker! Can’t wait to see the turn turn shots! 😉

  2. @cyanwater : I got a bad feeling my Spinner shots gonna suck. LOL. Anyway I’ll try scan them tomorrow. I’m waiting for see your masterpieces instead. Don’t let me down!

  3. YEah!! spinner!!! oh by the way i really like the window shot! looks like a class room with seats.

  4. the fisheye shots very cute ah! 😛 im a big fan of Fitzand liao 😛

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