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Too eager to give the Spinner 360 a spin (pun intended) … I popped in a roll of expired 400 negatives and filled it with some random shots. Like any other Lomo cam … this one is a light sucker as well … which means it performs better in bright sunlight even with ISO400 film. Anyway … here are the crappy random test shots I did …

* click on them for a larger version. Sorry if the way these super long images are presented look weird at the moment … coz I’m trying to figure out how to insert scrollable images in the blog.

This one above got double exposured. Hmmm. How did that happen? Maybe I accidentally did a rewind? Hmm. Nevermind. The double seemed to make the boring shot of the park a little (very very little) more interesting. Ermmm … no?

Somehow all the frames ended up with different length … perhaps because I didn’t pull the cord all the way every time I used it. Hahaha! Lesson #1 … pull it slowly but all the way!

The thought of having myself in every photo somehow pisses me off a little. Hahaha! I’ll try some other tricks for the next roll to get rid of my fat face. I promise.

The next one taken around sunset is my favourite from the roll. I actually thought this shot will be a gone case because of the very bad lighting but it seemed to turn out okay.

Stupid old me … opened up the camera back after removing the rubber ring! WTH was I thinking? Anyway … I did it indoors in low light and just some wicked leaks to ‘enhance’ the boring shots. 😛

I tried desperately to finish the roll that morning and had Fitzand fire a couple of shots. This one below is the only survivor. I won’t post the other 1 or 2 photos because you can just imagine how they look like by closing your eyes. X(

Oh! Me again on the way to work. Too bad the light leak didn’t hit me. 😛

I seemed to be able to squeeze more than 8 shots outta this roll because of the mistakes. Let me try fire a few more rolls next weekend during my trip to Malaysia. Hopefully this time they’ll at least look a bit more … ermm … acceptable.


  1. i love picture number 4!! 😀
    cool panorama

  2. @jellyplayground : Good taste. It will be bad if you had picked one with me in it. LOL!

  3. you need to smile more:) coz its coming back at you

  4. unker! 2nd one is the best!! poison alert again!!

  5. Yeah, you should smile more. =)


    1) Put a paperbag over your face before shooting
    2) Use your head as tripod before it spins

  6. Hahaha! Thanks for the comment I’ll try *cough* to smile when I go spinning again.

  7. Fun shots! I love the one taken from your car! And of course the sunset. I think you should let fitzand play with it more too! He did great too!

  8. @cyanwater : Yeah I’m planning to let him play with the Spinner more often … since he loves pulling the cord and see it spin. The problem is I’ve to make sure he does it only once because the first time I let him try it … he insist on doing it over and over again … at the same location!

  9. A lot of evidence of taking photos while behind the wheel!!
    …..and er…..I spotted a Kate Spade bag… 😛
    but overall, not too bad for a 1st roll what…

  10. @nelly : Yeah. Call the cops! LOL! Oh damn … you spotted my bag! Ooops! 😛

  11. yeah ndroo! i like your sunset too! U looked abit serious in the shots 😛 haha its ok sometimes i also forgot to smile 😛 Spin spin spin!

  12. The photos from the spinner looks awesome! 🙂 Do you develop all the photos yourself?

  13. @lawry : Thanks. Maybe we should stick a smiley sticker on the back of the cam to remind us to smile eh? 😀

    @wynth : Thanks. I send my rolls to the lab. I’d love to try DIY but I just don’t have the time.

  14. i got a question. where do you process the 8frame 360? I just got mine today and none of my regular processing shops are able to scan up to 8frame… any tips? thanks in advance!

  15. Hi, i got a question. I just got the 360, but it seems like none of the regualr lab that does my processing is able to scan the 8frame 360. They can develope without cutting the film, but unable to scan that long. Any tips on where you did it? did you stitch them yourself after that?

    thanks in advance!

  16. @Jack : I scanned them myself. I just cut the individual frames and put them into the 35mm film holder. I read somewhere that if the lab can’t do it, you might have to get them to cut into smaller frames and scan them individually and then stitch them in Photoshop (ouch!).

  17. @Jack : You can try sending it to TripleD (Burlington). I just heard that someone just got her roll scanned there. Might have to do some stitching though.

  18. yeah. i called them and they said need stitching. impossible to scan the entire 8 frames. Only way is we scan it ourself with our own scanner(unfortunately i dun own one). Thanks!

  19. @Jack : Yup! That’s what I heard too. Not sure how many frames we have to stitch for each of the 8 frames though. Guess investing in a scanner is a better idea if you were to use the Spinner often. Letting the lab scan with sprockets is gonna cost lots! I heard it is like S$11 per roll. *sweat*

  20. Hi ndroo! What scanner are you using? I’m planning to get one myself when I return to Singapore. So how do you develop your own film? I’m interested to develop my own since I’m shooting more film than digital nowadays.

  21. @kaxdd : I’m using the Epson V500. Affordable yet pretty much can handle what I need to do. I don’t develop my own film. No time for such luxury. Hahaha.

  22. Thanks Ndroo. you cut the individual and put them in film holder. Can the scanner take the scan for the entire 8frames without cutting? Sorry, i am kinda new to the whole scanner biz…

  23. @Jack : Nope. These flatbed scanners can’t take the entire roll without having to cut it.

  24. I think I may have to invest in a flatbed scanner since the photo lab here in Melbourne can’t do the scanning as well. And the developing itself is a killer too! May have to see how I can develop my own films and scan them. Can’t wait to come back to SG and send my films to TripleD…

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