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During last weekend’s trip to Malaysia, I actually planned to shoot at least 3 rolls on my Spinner but due to the super duper busy time there … I managed to burn only one single roll. As we spent most of the time at home with my parents, the only time I could fire some shots was during a short trip out of town to some small fishing village (my bro goes thru all that trouble just to buy fresh seafood!) and a short visit to a temple near there. You probably find Fitzand in my arms in many of the shots because he wanted to be the one pulling the cord. I’m a little more used to the cam now and I’ll help him pull it and then get him to hold it tight before releasing it. Oh … you will also find me trying very hard to include a big smile in some of the photos (after some of you complaining about my angry face in the first test roll). 😀

Luck must be on my side this time round because most of the shots turned out okay. Credit goes to ‘Queen Cindy’ aka Cyanwater who ‘blessed’ my Spinner when I lent it to her for a couple of days. 😀 I’m sure those of you who are into Lomography stuffs have seen her works but if you haven’t … just go do a search in Lomo’s webbie or walk into ThirtySix (if you are in Singapore) and get her to grope your camera and perhaps drip some sweat onto it to get blessed with some of her magic. Really! No joke. I know of some who borrowed her camera and ended up with some prize winning shots! 😀 Don’t tell her I sent you though. I’m gonna try eBay my Limited Cyanwater Blessed Spinner 360 for maybe US$1000. Anyone bidding?

Do click on the images on this page to see slightly bigger versions of the images. I’m still too lazy to find a better way to present these pano photos. 😛

It ain’t easy spinning while carrying a kiddo with one hand. The only way is try get him to help pull the cord and then pray real hard that things will turn out fine.

I had to present this vertical shot (above) this way because it will really screw up my blog’s layout if it is in the original orientation.

Lazy me loves spinning from inside the car. My mom was asking what on earth it was (the Spinner). Hahaha!

So happy this roll made it out of the cam (and came back from the lab) alive!

Gosh! I think I spent 2 hours scanning and stitching these shots (and it is 1:30am now)! Damn! Thank God the DigitaLIZA exists (and hopefully arrive soon), otherwise I might just forget about scanning the pics with sprocket holes from now on.


  1. Nice shots and of course, great smiles you have!

    The last shot, the guy standing beside you is your bro? Both of you have a pretty same look.

    Hmm, can get Cyanwater to bless my harinezumi1? It was cast aside for a long while since it can’t take night shot too well so i can’t play with it after work… hehe..bless not using saliva though.

  2. @Beam : Thanks. As for the smile … I think the distortion made it bigger. LOL! The guy in the last photo is my youngest bro. Pretty same look? He’ll be so sad. He used to be (or so he claims) a handsome guy and laughed at my lack of hair … until I dragged him into the IT industry and soon … the hair is history. 😀 You can get in touch with Queen Cyanwater at … hmm … should I post her phone number here? Hahaha!

  3. WTH!!!

    Great smiles btw! You could shot more!!! And please go find the superviewer plugin to give more credit to your shots!

  4. Turn turn camera very good!

  5. @cyanwater : Thanks. All credit goes to you. Maybe you magic made me smile bigger too. 😛 As for the viewer, I was experimenting with a couple but yet to be able to integrate any of them properly. Haiks. I need time … time … where can I find some free time?

    @nelly : Buy buy turn turn cammie!

  6. @cyanwater: Please bless my harinezumi. I bring it over to 36 for blessing?


  7. warhhhhh….. LIKEYY esp the first shoot…. hahahaha .. very very nice

  8. @Beam : Don’t forget to bring some offerings to the Queen when you are there. Bring along a curry puff, a can of beer and maybe a muffin. 😀

    @noreen : Thanks 🙂

  9. envy!!! i planned to spin at least 2 rolls, but end up i spin only 3-4pics 🙁
    i need outing, i want to go outdoor!

  10. GREAT SPIN!!!

  11. nelly cannot buy turn turn, becos later become ditzy.

  12. Cool 🙂 I wonder how it’ll look like if i hold the ring and swing the camera up 🙂

  13. @evaeva : Hahaha! Take a day off and go spinning!

    @Jer : Thanks

    @nelly : Get yourself a stiff drink after spinning then.

    @Mijonju : It will be pretty cool but you have to be careful and not let the cam hit you when it swings upwards. Hahaha!

  14. Can double expose this spin spin cam?

  15. @Beam : Of course you can. Just reload the roll of film after you finish shooting … or remove the rubber band thingie after each frame and manually rewind the film. The problem is this way … you need to know how much to rewind. 😀

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