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Not too long ago … I did mention that I was letting Fitzand fire some shots on a roll of doubles collaboration with someone … but I wasn’t very sure if it was a good idea to mention who that roll was from. Hahaha! I loaded that roll (some 24exp ISO200 negative that I can’t recall the name) into an old plastic Coke camera and let Fitzand help finish half a roll of it … while I struggled to finish the other half. That roll of film flew all the way from France from Fabienne (who I did a couple of earlier doubles collab with) and I bet she must be very worried when she reads this. LOL!

Fitzand and the Coke cammie on the day he snapped these photos.

The (quite) good news is that most of the shots turned out fine and there are few that I even like pretty much. This first one here (below) was taken by Fitzand and although I don’t really know what it is … the doubles seem to work pretty neat.

The next 2 photos were also taken by him (the 2nd exposure) …

This one below is my favourite …

As you can probably guess … most of the shots I took were either on the way to work (from inside my car) or on the way home after work. Boring! Hahaha! Well that’s what’s left of my time to snap some photos on most of the days. There were some wicked light leaks but I’m not sure if it is from that Coke camera or was it from Fab’s cam. I sure do hope the Coke cam is causing it though. 😀

2 sticking frames that I thought I could scan as a pano. Click to enlarge.

I hope Fabienne won’t kill me for putting her roll at risk in the hands of a 3 year old but hey … we don’t get to do doubles with 3 year olds very often, do we? 😛 I am planning to send her a couple of rolls but I’m still struggling to find time to do so.

So can you guess which ones were taken by Fitzand? Now anyone else dare do doubles with Fitzand? 😀


  1. The shot of him with camera is as cute as it gets.

  2. go fitzand? go!

  3. @Flaneur : Thanks 🙂

    @Mijonju : Hahaha! Fitzand says a big thanks too! Still in HK enjoying the yummies? 😀

  4. why are you in some of the photos? kekeke

    I like the one with the motorbikes and the dashboard!

  5. @nelly : Well he snapped me when I was trying to snap him. Hahaha! Thanks.

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