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Brought Fitzand out to the park in the morning to play with his new frisbee but after last night’s heavy downpour, it still started to drizzle after about half an hour of fun. Grrr! We had to cut short the session and though we could continue after breakfast but too bad the sky wasn’t in a good mood. Duh.

He was all excited going to the park to play frisbee for the 1st time!

It wasn’t at all easy trying to catch some snapshots of him in action … as I had to go pretty close and at the same time making sure I don’t get hit by the disc … but …

As it was still drizzling in the evening, we will probably need to postpone the frisbee fun to the next weekend. 🙁

Here are some other snapshots I took of him during breakfast at the park …

I wish I could fire a few more rolls on my Spinner 360 but the lighting today suck big time and all I could do to cure my trigger happy fingers was to fire some shots with my E-PL1. Nevermind the cold blue cast on them. I deliberately ‘made’ them that way during post processing … maybe because deep inside my head … another blue blue Monday is coming. 🙁 Guess I’ll make full use of the remaining hours of the day to play with Fitzand when he wakes up from his nap.


  1. YUMMY! frisbee, i haven’t touched those in a long long time, i should take my boomerang out soon.

  2. Looking at your food pictures early in the morning is not good for a hungry tummy. 😡
    Fitzand really likes that scary look! I think he had you pose it once or twice! 🙂

  3. Table 25’s breakfast very yummy!

  4. I wish everyday is a weekend….

  5. @Mijonju : Maybe if boomerang ain’t no fun, try throwing some cameras of yours … make sure it lands on my doorstep. 😀

    @wynth : Those expressions are inspired by Monster Inc. LOL!

    @nelly : Yeah yummies! At least I didn’t have to go thru the hell making reservation for Rider’s. Hahaha.

    @Jer : Wake up! Stop dreaming! 😀

  6. Haha….ok…just woke up and realised it is Monday bluezzzzz…..

  7. @Jer : What? You just woke up???!!! Don’t you have to work today? *jealous*

  8. fitzand looks so cute on the last few pics! The eggs benedict sure looks yummy!

  9. fitzand’s got some cool moves! it was a really gloomy weekend lah. i salute u going out to play in the rain. I stayed at home being a couch potato. The food u shot looks yummy. Where’s that?

  10. @cyanwater : Why are you never there when I go for breakfast? Busy sleeping? Hmpt!

    @quaisoir : Rain or shine … we have to play! 😀 The yummies are available at Canopy at Bishan Park.

  11. Working…..But just moving my mouse around the screen and daydreaming……

  12. @Jer : Oh good. That’s the perfect screensaver … screwed by a move of the mouse. Next time just unplug/disable the mouse.

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