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Recently after posting some of my shots from the Spinner 360 in a local photography forum, a friend was pretty surprised when I told him that Fitzand was the one pulling the cord for some of the shots. Here’s what he said … ‘he got strength to pull the cord? the other day I tried with Jimmy’s at sentosa, took some effort man, or was I drunk‘. Hmm. Hahahaha! I told him I was sure he was drunk (as always) … and it was funny that I suddenly had this idea to piece together some little clips of Fitzand messing with the Spinner 360 … and dedicate it to him. Gary … this is for you! Hahaha! Oh by the way … are you sure you were pulling Jimmy’s Spinner’s cord … or were you pulling something else on him instead? 😛

Anyway … here’s the video … just for fun … (don’t worry … it will only waste 1 minute of your time).


  1. Turn turn!!

  2. hahahaha… so this is to prove he can spin!!! lol… no gary wasnt spinning other thing cause i was there too.. LOL

  3. @nelly : Yeah! His fav turn turn cam.

    @noreen : Hmm. Ok. So at least we know Gary was pulling the right thing. LOL!

  4. Cute…looks like a little Gym machine to pump up some finger muscle….Haha!!! Just curious, is the cord made out of some durable material…..wondering if it will snap after prolong usage….

  5. hahaha… so adorable!

  6. @Jer : Hahaha! Yeah. Finger gym! The cord? Maybe they are made from some leftover materials used to make rockets!

    @cyanwater : Thanks 🙂

  7. oh forgot to comment….. your title is right!!!!! he not only drunk.. he is very very drunk with broken tooth and bruise knee and a painful elbow……

  8. So very funny!


  9. Fitzand sure has the strengh to spin it hehe.
    wow hope gary recovers soon.

  10. @noreen : Hahahaha! I’ve gotta get him to come in and take a look at your comment. LOL!

    @Ta : LOL!

    @Mijonju : Yeah. He’s powered by milk and chocolate … and the lollipop you gave him. 😀 Gary? He loves being drunk and I’m sure he don’t wanna recover. 😛 He’s gonna kill me though.

  11. AWW!! Fitzand so cute!!

  12. @lynn : Thanks

  13. Hahaha! It’s almost like Fitzand is taunting your Gary friend. “I can spin! I can spin! I can spin!” Adorable kid you have!

  14. @random stranger : Hahahaha! Yeah. Gary’s gonna kick my butt soon.

  15. cute..very cute

  16. @ben : Thanks 😉

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