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Sometimes I think I should just bring bread to work and stay in the office for lunch. 🙁 Made a short trip to ThirtySix and ended up with more damages to my (already badly torn) wallet. What’s the loot this time?

Finally the elusive Tolne camera is on their shelves! Was torn between the green and blue but decided on the blue one because the green one is a little too bright for this old fella. No … don’t you dare ask why didn’t I buy all 4 colors! I asked Cindy at the shop and was told that this plastic toy camera has everything. Everything? Huh? She told me that not only it has built-in flash, it can do multi-exposures … and even give photos with exposed sprocket holes. Huh? For real?

Looking at the content of the package … it comes with 3 filters for some fun photos (the packaging says ‘TAKE A FUNNY PICTURE’. Hmmm!). There is a fog (blur?) filter, a ‘triple’ filter (those that gives you triple images) and one that gives you sepia tone.

Look at the photo above. Hahaha! See that little filter that has some ‘sprocket holes’ on it? Hahaha! Oh yeah! That’s how you get photos with exposed sprocket holes! Cute! Problem is you can’t remove and install this filter while you have film loaded in the cam. Still pretty cute. I do wonder if you let the lab scan the photos, will the guy crop off the sprocket hole areas and leave you with some tiny frame that resembles those from a 110 camera. Hmm …

Apart from also picking up a pack of the Lomography’s new Redscale XR film, I also bought a cool TLR-looking pencil sharpener. I do not really need it but Fitzand does. Let me share a weird story with you. Last night was the first time Fitzand wanted to try sharpening his pencil and we had only a small sharpener. You know … those little ones that you need to keep turning and turning? He took about 10 minutes trying to sharpen the pencil and I was sitting there staring at how determined he was … trying to do it himself. I told him that I’ll get him a sharpener that makes sharpening pencils easier … and then I took a photo of him (struggling with the pencil sharpener) and sent it to Cindy (from ThirtySix). Fitzand asked me … ‘Buy new sharpener? From which shop?’. I immediately got a reply from Cindy saying that … a few minutes ago she was just talking to Noreen (her partner’s talented girlfriend) that … ‘only ndroo will buy the sharpener’. OMG! What timing! It was really weird and I had a good laugh. Okay … so I bought it …

Hope the weekend comes faster and I can go try out a roll or two on the Tolne camera. Oh … I just showed the sharpener to a colleague and she asked me ‘Hey … what happened to the camera? Lens broken?’. Hahahaha!


  1. Part of me kinda says “Heng! I didn’t drop in just now.”
    The other part, however, says “You should have!”


  2. So…..are you going to mod the sharpener into a really cam with an in-built “Sharpen More” effect?

    The tomy is nice… much?

  3. freakyyyy….. tolny is very irresistible….

  4. wow, a camera who can did everything!!
    how much is this?
    gosh, it looks so adorable in BLUE! 🙂

    and the TLR sharpener! hahahahaha! so cute!

  5. lovely sharpener and camera!! amazing! wohoH!!

  6. @nelly : You should have dropped by! I had muffins for you but you were not around. 😛 You better think hard coz the Tolne is running out of the shop fast!

    @Jer : Not sure about sharpening photos. Hahaha! I am more into blurred ones. As for the price, I’ll let Cindy tell us because I’ve yet to pay her for the loot.

    @norya : Hahaha! Yeah! I am sure last night you were shocked to see me asking about the sharpener!

    @evaeva : Get a Tolne soon. Ok?

    @Mijonju : You have the blue one too. Right?

  7. You forgotten to mention it has B mode too!!!

    LOL at your colleague’s comment! Thanks for the muffins! *yum*

    @nelly: This is definitely a great cam for your kid! BUY!

  8. How much was the damage?
    Its poisonous! 😀

  9. @cyanwater : Yeah! The B mode! I had to shove the muffin down my throat after I got back to work because I had to rush for a meeting. It was super yummy! I think Nelly is … is … is … very … much … SOLD. 😛 Watch out for her appearance at the shop soon. 😛

    @Bryson : Damage! The Tolne should cost roughly about a hundred bucks (SGD) and the sharpener costs almost S$30.

  10. omg. i hope its sold out…otherwise I’ll be tempted to buy it. ok sorry..its bad of me..but its poison! >_<

  11. @wynth : I think they’ve reserved one for you! Muwahaha!

  12. ah, now you’ve got one too! saw mijonju’s in that vid where he was preparing for the trip haha~
    I’d really like to see what kind of pictures it takes 🙂

  13. @jojonas : Yeah … Mijonju is always the one spreading the poison worldwide. LOL! I can’t wait to see how it performs but still yet to finish a roll of 24exp. 🙁 I’m waiting for test shots from a couple of friends who told me they sent their rolls to the lab already.

  14. -.-” excuse me while i go smash some piggy banks.

  15. @wynth : Don’t forget some photos of the poor broken piggie banks. 😛 BUY!

  16. booo… i got my roll of funny film!!!!! its awesome!!!!

  17. @noreen : Yeah I saw them. Good work!

  18. Man…How could I have missed this one!

    I want one!

  19. @Ta : Hahahaha! Glad you saw this. Yeah … I’m sure you’ll want one. 😉

  20. Looks like the light leaks shop is carrying a few tolnes… or is that “tolni”?

  21. @Erik : That’s Tolne. The same thing. Getting one?

  22. @ndroo: aaahhh… would love to but just ordered a chunk of holga lenses from 4 corners!

  23. Hi, I also bought a Tolne camera in green yesterday, but when i loaded the film, it wound the other way.. like instead of going anti-clockwise, it wound in a clockwise manner, exposing the back of the film and making it curl in the other direction.. just wanted to ask if u experienced the same thing? or maybe i didn’t load the film properly into the cam? cos i dont really see another way of loading it :((

    pls help me 🙁

  24. @Natasha : strange. However… if u exposed the wrong side of the roll… u might get cooler result! Redscale! Any photo of how the roll was loaded? Very hard to answer u by imagining how the film was loaded.

  25. oh, it seems that i loaded the film correctly and that when u advance it, the film will wind in the opposite direction.. no pic sadly.. but it’s apparently correct.. i went back to the shop and managed to understand the camera.. sorry, it gave me a fright :S and i wasted a roll of film..
    thanks for everything though (:

  26. @Natasha : That’s certainly nice to hear but why are there no pics?

  27. Ndroo, the Tolne camera sure looks yummy. I wonder if the pictures are too. I hope you can posts some of the captures. Thanks.

  28. @Killyrbf : This might sound crazy but I’ve yet to finish my test roll on it. Lol

  29. if u do not mind u can take a look at the sample picture taken by me and cindy(my idol)

  30. LOL @ ndroo…. u too many camera!!!!! LOL

  31. @noreen : Thanks for sharing the link. I was actually thinking of showing those pics that you and the Queen took but I didn’t have the link to them.

    @Killyrbf : I think the photos that the ladies took are better representative of what the cam can do. Buy now! LOL!

  32. hahahahaha welcome… i very proud of that tolne test shoot album.. thats y i so proudly paste the link here.. LOL

  33. @noreen : i m sure you are! I’d give an arm to get shots like that.

  34. ndroo…. your comment very “kua zang” LOL

  35. @noreen : No. It is true! 😛

  36. Thank you very much for the link Noreen. I actually saw those before, and they are nice.
    How would the Tolne compare with a Holga? Plus, does it have a multi-exposure switch too?

  37. which Holga are u comparing?
    i would guess the you are comparing with the 135bc since tolne is 35mm camera

    personally i prefer the tolne because it come with an inbuilt flash, can be able to MX, and also Bulb mode but the most fun about it is the filter that comes with it…. not to forget the design is really nice

    well holga can do the same with mx and bulb mode but u need to get external flash, and you need to set distance before you shoot your subject.. : )

    here is the feature of the camera:-

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